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  1. Quadsweep

    Meditrope hgh no results at all??

    very good reviews from guys on para pharma HGH you won't go wrong using them. go to and order now!
  2. Quadsweep

    Messed up, didn’t run a pct

    Bad advice. Some of you telling the guys to stay on trt or use hcg, that is not correct. He should do the perfect PCT
  3. Quadsweep

    Muscle soreness from injecting test e

    You need to rotate injection sites. Don't pick the same spot over and over again. And yes, you need to do a log.
  4. Quadsweep

    On cycle best supplements?

    many of us on here have helped develop n2guard into what it is today the perfect supplement for steroid users
  5. Quadsweep

    Reducing Estrogen with EGCG ,Quercetin Matcha green tea studies

    Interesting, because a lot of cultures drink, a lot of tea, especially in Asia.
  6. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Big Blue - Log

    yes you need n2guard yes you need more cardio Got to have a healthy body.
  7. Quadsweep

    Approved Log HSC318 Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log part 2

    You are looking extremely huge. Thanks for updating us when new picture.
  8. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My 7 week para pharma cut stack cycle log

    As long as you are getting good sleep, where you can recover, you'll be fine.
  9. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    tacos sound like. real mexican food is hard to find
  10. Quadsweep

    Approved Log LittleTimeTrouble Big Time TRT Log

    I would say, 350 mg. Primo for a guy your size is the minimum Yeah. Go ahead and add 200 milligrams.
  11. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    I agree with taking a couple weeks off to see how it feels.
  12. Quadsweep

    Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

    Very clean eating builds. Good. Quality muscles and you are lean-too
  13. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Supertiredwantfood high protein log - female

    keep the hard work going. good things will come with consistency
  14. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Mobsters UGFreak ParaPharma 1 month Trenbolone cut Log

    para pharma tren has been known to add a bunch of mass fast to people. but the body fat will start coming down soon IMO
  15. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Mobsters Training Diary

    para pharma tren has been known to add a bunch of mass fast to people. but the body fat will start coming down soon IMO
  16. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    Can you post more diet and training updates on this thread? Maybe organize it a bit better. It is kind of confusing. Your are all over the place.
  17. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My Testosterone Trenbolone Strength Cycle Log

    hard to know a straight answer because tren can throw off blood markers when they are normal Gotta go off experience and know how your body is.
  18. Quadsweep

    Approved Log BigLadJon first steroid cycle prep Log

    Keep pushing on this log, you are doing great so far.
  19. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Dbol and test cypionate 10-week log

    Very nice improvements. I have a lot of respect for anybody with abs.
  20. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    looks really fun. very cool hobby, hopefully the owner stays open
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