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    Getting super libido on deca?

    Be careful brother! Drop the dbol
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    Using nolvadex and/or clomid with sarms?

    Overkill, not necessary to use
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    Red meat

    Use lean cuts not the fatty ones and you'll be sweet
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    Green Bean Chicken

    So good yum Im gonna make some
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    Used an old bottle of DMAA with trenbolone

    Too much DMAA, try 10mg and see how you go
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    Modest genetics for steroids

    Try it and post the results, never know unless you try
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    Female married co-worker caught me using steroids

    I think you should whip it out in front of the mom and do a little helicopter action
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    How much water to drink on cycle?

    3L/day I dont go crazy with it
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    Trt plus sarms

    S4/MK2866 for muscle preservation and slight gains + GW for fat loss
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    Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

    Hell yeah keep it up gogogogo
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    Staggering not necessary Seems okay, I'd personally swap S4 for MK2866 but that's just me
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    Getting withdrawals from steroid addiction

    Test makes you feel good, talk to a doctor about it
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    55 years old and sarms ideas

    Try a cycle of RAD + MK677 and see how you go
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    My husband and I sarms stack

    GW + MK2866 should be okay
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    1st time SARMs-S4 Cycle info

    No need to go too hard out, most people wont notice anything different, suppression is generally minimal
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    Oxytocin for climax. For difficult climax.

    Didnt know this was a thing
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    How many steps do you take a day?

    I aim for 10k 5k morning 5k arvo
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