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  1. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Dozers journey to the stage and cycle

    hard to answer that clen is one of those that isn't a hormone but a drug
  2. Quadsweep

    Approved Log PSL Log - M-1-T DHB Superdrol Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

    and this is why we do these logs life can sometimes be tough and have ups and downs
  3. Quadsweep

    Approved Log S.Gentz 2024 Offseason Lean Bulk Log

    food looks incredible and you cooked it the perfect way
  4. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Testosterone Equipoise Trenbolone cycle Log

    that's horrible man hopefully you have some friends in the area they can at least be at your side
  5. Quadsweep

    using steroids after a heart attack

    I would not recommend steroids unless you're working with your doctor next time
  6. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Boxcutters Diet Training Log

    you're keeping a good variety to your training I like that
  7. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Dozers journey to the stage and cycle

    i'm biased but para pharma has a 100% customer satisfaction rate and its one of the best brands you could use. ugfreak also has 30% off deals for June
  8. Quadsweep

    Approved Log HRT Log - Female

    great job on the leg press we can see some definition coming on
  9. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My Get Juiced, Jacked and Crazy Sexy for Summer Log

    sometimes the things that bloat us aren't obvious
  10. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My Primobolan and Testosterone TRT cycle Log

    dinner looks pretty good I like it
  11. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Feel Tha B3rn - B3rnies Training Log

    I would cycle the Smith machine
  12. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My Test Enanthate and Anavar cycle log

    keep up the good work man keep pushing it hard
  13. Quadsweep

    Approved Log My TRT Log

    as we get older we gotta be smart about listening to our body
  14. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    A+++ videos and pictures! looking fantastic and your motivating so many out there
  15. Quadsweep

    Approved Log Red Ballz Anadrol Proviron Cycle Log

    meal prep you will save a fortune doing that check out the other logs has been said
  16. Quadsweep

    Np pharmacy anavar

    i would toss it. why risk it? use para pharma from ugfreak. there are 30% off deals going on now
  17. Quadsweep

    Approved Log 2024 Para Pharma Testosterone Primobolan Equipoise Tbol Contest Prep Log

    Glad to see the para Pharma gear is treating you well
  18. Quadsweep

    Podcast Hardcore 75 - [2024] Andarine (S-4) SARMS Revisited

    keep up the good work and keep putting these out
  19. Quadsweep

    Approved Log 15 week cutting cycle Log

    your body is eventually going to break down though if you over-train too much
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