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  1. e2

    Approved Log My 2023-2024 log

    you're burning so many calories with your excellent workouts it's very impressive
  2. e2

    Approved Log My Nandrotest Testosterone Deca cycle Log

    macros are okay to know but they aren't as important as quality of the food
  3. e2

    Approved Log Training and Diet - Natural Testosterone Recovery Log

    glad that you're happier now things will get better in life
  4. e2

    Approved Log LOSIOL TRT Anabolism Cruise Log

    super sets are really paying off for you
  5. e2

    Approved Log RoidRageWife Female Training Log

    nice work those are some incredible weights
  6. e2

    Veteran Thread Questions that concerns with podcast Mobster & Stevie - and guest host yours truly.. (maybe)

    I think the more info you can talk about steroids the better not many podcasts dive deep into that topic
  7. e2

    advice with my next anavar cycle

    No need to run the VAR more than 50 a day
  8. e2

    supplements for fat boy

    lots of people have obesity he is in the first teach him proper nutrition
  9. e2 trenbolone is toxic

    try domestic supply, they are g2g for everything!
  10. e2

    Podcast 609 - Mike Rashid Steroid Cycle

    keep up the good work guys we love to see these
  11. e2

    Stacking with semaglutide to prevent muscle wasting….

    pharma companies are making a killing on these drugs but are we becoming less obese ?
  12. e2

    Approved Log Boxcutters Diet Training Log

    I like nectarines but I like peaches more
  13. e2

    Approved Log My Journey to Shredded Physique Log

    I like what you're doing here
  14. e2

    Approved Log My Primobolan and Testosterone TRT cycle Log

    sounds like you're getting plenty of protein and carbs
  15. e2

    Veteran Log PrinceDaddy 2024 Bodybuilding Log (Masters 55+ Competitor)

    your positive attitude through so much stuff is remarkable you are truly one of the best dudes on here
  16. e2

    Approved Log 5 month Cycle Log

    a lot of people like to stack peptides and hgh pros do it all the time
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