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    StrengthLabs - Aus domestic.

    Have used strength as well in the past . No dramas 💪
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Another bulk order received today . Ordered last Thursday . Thanks again mate 🙏
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    Cheers for the store credit @Bulkin_up_aus . Appreciate it . Regarding the previous message I sent last Tuesday , my pharmacom t3 has arrived today so all good to go 👍🏽 if anyone needs assurance I’m happy to attach files . Thanks again mate 🙏
  4. D Reviews & Official Info - Aussie Domestic Source

    Have bought cialis and Tramadol many a time from Auspharmacy over the years . Have had no dramas whatsoever. Takes anywhere from 6-10 days for it to arrive. Reliable supplier :)
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    I have had no dramas and can vouch for this guy to date . I’ve ordered 4 boxes of t3 from him. Communication has been excellent via telegram and replies fairly fast . Has given me a legit tracking number via fedex for my order and has shown me a pic my package upon dispatch with correct name and...
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    I’ve used Auspharmacy half a dozen times without any dramas whatsoever over time . Taken roughly about a 1 week turnaround on average between ordering and receiving goods 👍🏽 no scammers .
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    Aus juice back in buisness

    My order arrived Friday around lunch after placing the order on tuesday using the code they gave me , no dramas here Many thanks - - - Updated - - - I meant Thursday lunch even though I sent this 12:12am Friday lol .
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    Aus juice back in buisness

    I just placed a mini order with my code as well . Let you all know if order arrives
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    You’re a good lad apex. Will continue to make many more orders with you in future . You look after me well . Love your products . Again Many thanks 🙏
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    Package10 - Aussie Domestic Source

    As I use apex a lot and he vouched for this vendor I decided to get some Arimidex. Order came today after 6 days . Well packaged and arrived safely . Will use again
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    UGL OZ

    I ordered some Tramadol off the ausmeds site about 7 weeks ago when they sent me a code link as well for discount being an old customer of theirs back in the day . Site does work and have had no dramas. Products came after about 1 week. About UGL OZ. I also go an email from them as well with...
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    This guy is great , ordered a heap of HCG and some deca last month . Easy and Efficient service :) recommend
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    ready to supply

    Ordered and paid 24 hours ago . Sent yesterday and received today . Excellent service and top bloke . Communication A+++ . Will order again and again. Thanks mate 🙏
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