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    Get in touch with PSL NOW..ONLY HERE - THIS IS WHERE WE ARE - RIGHT HERE!!!!

    Any tb500 for us domestic shipping?
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    Shelby pharma corp T-400

    I mix mine with more carrier oil and warm it up. Zero PIP.
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    Big guy and great results on domestic supply

    Two orders and no problems. supper fast shipping and great product.
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    Beligas touchdown delivery from domestic-supply pictures

    Ordered on Monday night and arrived today. Great communication and super fast shipping. The real deal! Set for trt for a while.
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    Small touchdown from Domestic-supply

    First pin tonight. No PIP at all with a pec injection.
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    Small touchdown from Domestic-supply

    Awesome. I want to make another purchase this weekend.
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    Few words About Pharmacom Labs

    How do you check the products on their website? nothing on box or bottle of pharma nan
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    Small touchdown from Domestic-supply

    Ordered late Monday night and it arrived today! Wish I would have found this place a week before so I wouldn’t have been scammed. But I knew it was a gamble and it was the first time ever for me getting taken. This makes up for that. Thanks!!!
  9. L Discounts and Offers

    Arrived today. Ordered late Monday night arrived Thursday afternoon!
  10. L Discounts and Offers

    Just put my first order in last night. For a pharmacom product.
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