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  1. stretch512

    Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone) doping test

    Deca is going to have the longest ester and going to give you the best chance to get popped on a test.
  2. stretch512

    Having pip with sub a injections

    Just cracked open a new Pharmacom jug of prop. Super smooth and zero PIP. I usually don’t care about PIP but if you want to minimize it I say go with a higher quality brand.
  3. stretch512

    Antibiotics source..

    Peptides and HGH is fine for injecting in the stomach/abdominal area. For steroid injection you want to choose a site where you can get the steroid injection deep enough into the muscle. Subcutaneous injections are fine for small compounds but steroid injections should always be done...
  4. stretch512

    Info CJC-1295 DAC

    One thing to know is the difference between CJC-1295 DAC vs No DAC. Without the DAC you are looking at a very short half life for the CJC to circulate your body. When CJC-1295 with DAC the peptide can circulate the body for up to 5-8 days. CJC-1295 with DAC is a little pricier but in my...
  5. stretch512

    fuck purity source labs order from somewhere else

    I’ve had times where international shipping was a breeze and times when it was delayed. Come to think of it I don’t believe I’ve ever had international shipment not come through. There are so many factors that can go into the shipping process; down to even where you live and which city the...
  6. stretch512 UG Supplements 2 - N2Slin X with SARMS to get your abs again

    One of the few items from N2 guard I have not tried. Going to give it a listen. Thanks for posting!
  7. stretch512

    AAS and rbc/hgb/hct

    Tren for 10 weeks for sure have you wrecked. It’s so good though you don’t want to stop. I have been guilty of running it too long. EQ I never had that issue and I ran EQ high. The only issue I ever had was running anadrol too high for too long.
  8. stretch512

    Tirzapetide Source

    Diet bro and some hard ass work. All you need are supplements from your local vitamin store. Track calories, be intentional about training and relearn the kitchen for your goals.
  9. stretch512

    AAS and rbc/hgb/hct

    All steroids will raise hematocrit, hemoglobin levels and rbc. You can always get a mini centrifuge and test your levels to see where you are at with simple finger prick test. You can do this while having your morning coffee. Dylan always promotes a great site where you can get full blood...
  10. stretch512

    Allergic reaction to sustanon 250?

    I love prop but boy howdy can it leave a hornet sting sometimes. Some carrier oils work with people better than others. Either way just keep working out with intensity and you won’t even notice that stuff.
  11. stretch512

    Don't’ feel well on cycle, vitamin C?

    Vitamin D ( I just go outside and get a lot of sun) and vitamin C. If I’m feeling like I’m getting sick nothing wrong with a vitamin C shot (maybe some B12 also). Diet sleep though is what Steve said and anything you take should guide you back to healing with proper diet and sleep.
  12. stretch512


    Check out the source section for Canadian items.
  13. stretch512


    If it’s real pharma grade hgh no reason to run it that high. 4-6 ius is plenty for your goals. I dunno about slin but I think GW is a better choice and having a conscious healthy diet.
  14. stretch512

    DIM3X While taking Testosterone

    Dim on paper looks great but orally it’s just not very helpful. Aromasin is way more effective. Evo has a whole supplements section where there is a lot of other questions about supplements that control estrogen. Worth it to read through those posts.
  15. stretch512

    Clen colour

    Clen is miserable compound. Would never use it again.
  16. stretch512

    Supplements For stimulants

    N2Slin and Cardazol. Forget DNP and Clen. That stuff will seriously wreck you. Stick with what the other brothers are recommending. A lot of us know cause we tried and we are offering a warning.
  17. stretch512

    Product to make me love my wife

    Before you reach for a supplement that increases your libido ask yourself if this is the answer to your question. Is it possible increasing your libido will drive you to look for other women companions. You should talk to your wife about your concerns and that you want to take supplement to be...
  18. stretch512

    How to use and dose superdrol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video on a compound I have never ran so it was good to hear the details on this compound again. Always ran anadrol and that’s enough for me in terms of blood pressure and toxicity.
  19. stretch512

    When sarms fail ?

    True Mobster. I was maybe being a little facetious. My point is at 23 I could go out every day hammering it and get up and do it all over again with zero peds.
  20. stretch512

    When sarms fail ?

    At 23 you should be training 5-7 days a week. Just go grab some creatine and leave the Sarms for later down the road when you are older.
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