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  1. bigdog78

    Miglyol 840

    I have a small amount of the MCT if anyone needs some PM me.
  2. bigdog78

    Miglyol 840

    If anyone knows where to buy it from a supplier. Pm a link to me. If the price is right I will get it. Break it down in smaller quantities, and resell it.
  3. bigdog78

    Miglyol 840

    Hey Bro. Never got a payment request at my paypal. Still interested. Actually in a larger quanity now please contact me when possible.
  4. bigdog78

    Need FILTER HELP!!!!!

    Gpz is gtg!
  5. bigdog78

    "the body type myth?"

    Ok I see the differences in body types now are skeletal as well as muscular. I was looking at it like more or less muscle was the only factor. Thanks
  6. bigdog78

    Fucking hilarious watch this shit brothers!

    I always wondered how the cable machines at my gym get fucked up!#=+?
  7. bigdog78

    "the body type myth?"

    Just a question from a guy fairly new to AAS, but doesn't AAS use change you genetically? In a way at least?
  8. bigdog78

    Liquid Clen

    It works. Always gave me the jitters. Not comfortable with that thouh.
  9. bigdog78

    Miglyol 840

    I need a few liters of this miglyol 840. tried to PM you but have to have 50 post. I don't have time for that. I'm well known of. Go check me out or Email me at (I Have mucho sources)
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