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    Gonna drop an order for some growth tonight , I’m hooked 😆
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    What crypto app do you AU guys use to buy and spend Bitcoin?

    I can’t keep up any more I must be getting old … I just use Coinspot 🤷‍♂️
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    StrengthLabs - Aus domestic.

    I’ve used this lab before 👍
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    Elder labs?

    The site takes you too Chief labs now 🤷‍♂️
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    UGL-OZ Appreciation post

    UGLOZ all day 🙌
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    Yeh ugloz all day for var
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    Got some Deca , Tes E, HGH and anavar off the bro, Amazing stuff , I gave the anavar to my brother to see if it worked because he’s a natty… yep this stuff is 100% legit. He rung me up going holy fuck this is insane , he has broken PB with triathlon. I ran 100iu of the HGH at 4iu a day , 2500...
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    Ozpharma are they still sending orders?

    I hope he’s okay
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    Do any vendors have tes undecanoate? Going away on holidays for 5 weeks

    Going away for 5 weeks over seas so I really need some Long Esther’s to try carry me through Can’t risk bringing anything this time as I got busted last trip and I’m still on bail.. I’m blasting ugloz tes e and deca at the moment 🔥 fuck he’s a legend Looking for some tes undeconate to hit...
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    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    2 weeks into my UGLOZ cycle , Tes deca Anavar Good clean gear nice and smooth no pip feeling awesome 👏 Starting the hgh next week fuckn a 🔥
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    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    Yeh that’s how I ordered , u might be able to email him aswel and he can generate a link. I used the website was pretty simple. Funds cleared fast and I got confirmation emails every step of the way 👌
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    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    UGLOZ is a man of his word
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    Recent blood works from current labs?

    I pulled bloods on a Nexnos 300mg cruise , 1250 4 days after pin 👌
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    Quality HGH source

    I dunno I’m gonna give UGLOZ hgh a go, good price and dude seems pretty adamant he’s got the goods. 🚀
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    I’m on his anavar at the moment it’s good. Spewin this dudes left he had some good products
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    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    Yeh I’m gonna give it a go 💪🚂
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    Ozpharm SARMS

    I can’t vouch for Ozpharm Sarms but I’ve run Mk677 from with good results Seen my mate blow up off there rad140 and lgd,
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    AUSJUICE - Platinum Anabolics - 2023 How to order I dunno what it is, could be little pce of rubber or something I’ve got no idea u would know more than me, part of me wants to take it coz I know the gears good , just that niggling thought in the back of my head what if something went wrong I would regret it so bad...
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    AUSJUICE - Platinum Anabolics - 2023 How to order

    Well said, I get it these things happen eh
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