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  1. 2Thick

    Approved Log BigLadJon first steroid cycle prep Log

    they are in range but they are still on the lower end I say go for it what do you have to lose
  2. 2Thick

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    Thank you so much for detailing your meals like this
  3. 2Thick

    Approved Log Dbol and test cypionate 10-week log

    no need for DNP ever
  4. 2Thick

    Approved Log My 7 week para pharma cut stack cycle log

    give it another week or two and trust me the side effects will hit you hard
  5. 2Thick

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    very good-looking food. I love Spanish food
  6. 2Thick

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    GOAT diet GOAT workouts GOAT log keep it going man
  7. 2Thick

    Approved Log National bodybuilding prep 2023 -cycle log

    I've always wondered how bodybuilders lift I wonder if they do more heavy weights or high repetitions
  8. 2Thick

    Approved Log Pre cycle trt log

    nice one those eggs look really good
  9. 2Thick

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    so if you injected too shallow it took longer for the HGH to start getting dispersed in the body makes sense
  10. 2Thick

    Approved Log Supertiredwantfood high protein log - female

    gym ownership isn't worth it. Very hard to pull a profit and a lot of work for no real reason
  11. 2Thick

    Started taking test and broke up with my girl friend

    DNP will kill you not smart you need to just focus on training natural and get a log up on your diet and training we can help you with that we're not going to help you with steroids though
  12. 2Thick

    Sustanon300 and Npp150 for 12-14 week

    would love to know more about your diet. You obviously have low body fat how low I'm not sure we need some more pictures and we need you to get a daily log up
  13. 2Thick

    Ways to temporarily suppress, for a blood test?

    even if you do the whole running steroids thing to shut yourself down. You still have to time it perfectly because if you go in there too soon your test levels will be too high
  14. 2Thick

    Which to go with?

    there is a lot to learn about you. We don't know what supplements you're taking. We don't know what steroids you've used before. We don't know how your many hours are sleeping at night. Check out the other logs on here. They've transformed amazingly well by getting a log Journal going
  15. 2Thick

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    heard good things on syn pharma you should be confident in their products so I wouldn't worry about it too much but you do need n2guard because it has seven liver helping supplements
  16. 2Thick

    Approved Log Testosterone, Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar cycle log

    we support you 100% here! a lot of different opinions were not trying to confuse you my main concern is your liver health on tren it gets really bad so you need n2guard and don't go overboard with masteron
  17. 2Thick

    Best puritysourcelabs cycle ive done yet

    very nice let us know when you are ready for your next PSL steroid cycle
  18. 2Thick

    Domestic supply bulk TD!!!

    don't forget adding carazol and ostazol best supps ever! and n2guard
  19. 2Thick

    My experience with Semaglutide (Ozempic) from puritysourcelabs

    PSL is a solid source and they are approved!
  20. 2Thick

    How would i change my sr9009 dose during vacation?

    what's wrong with just taking it with you? While you on the vacation just take it two or three times a day and you'll be fine
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