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    Just started week 4. Strength picking up a lot. Feeling strong. Sex drive high, oily skin. Slowly dropping fat but not dieting really just roughly cutting carbs.
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    So 6’2 240 lbs Bf probably about 18% I know I should have probably dropped the bf lower before starting but im fairly good at dropping fat when I plan too. Haven’t lifted in over 6 years but I’m a contractor so I have been very active. Started back about 5 weeks ago actually pushing weight…...
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    Ending week 2 No major gains but lifts feel solid. Joint pains are not as bad. Sex drive is picking up slightly. I was expecting more pain from Sus500 but not bad at all.
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    boofing sarms

    😂😂give it a shot lol
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    Ok update on gear. Wanted to try the Sus 500. Overseas I couldn’t find quality Sus so I used Bayer test e 250 locally supplied. Loved it!! I’m on eod Sus 500 from euro pharmaceuticals.. doing about .3 a shot approx. been off gear for 6 years. Feeling the mental sharpness kick in.. I’m 42...
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    Unopened liquid sarms shelf life

    I’l used some 6 yrs old. I upped the dosage slightly and it is working. Rad140 and lgd3303
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    Will do, should notice some strength improving in a couple weeks.
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    Thought they were approved here. Is it a sponsoring thing? Everyone knows they are legit. Just curious
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    Lots of post injection pain :(

    That’s a lot of prop. That’s most likely causing all the pain. You could get away with 100 eod of prop or even 150 eod. The pain does start getting tolerable over time though. Prop used to rock me hard before, now barely. - - - Updated - - - Also I’ve hard people warm their oil slightly. You...
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    Rad140 vs. lgd4033

    I like rad 140 better but I’m on lgd3303 which I wouldn’t recommend. 3 times a day is annoying but it works great. Rad 140 at 20mg is my sweet spot. Gl
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    Finaplix trenbolone

    Yea tren is available everywhere now at a good price. It was fun to see people post up their batches though lol. I didn’t try tren until about 2013 or so. By they time it was fairly easy to find and affordable.
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    Awesome turn around!! Way faster than I expected!! I’ve known about UncleZ for about 10 years and they have a great reputation…. And to be honest their prices are hard to resist!! Looking forward to updating on euro pharmacies quality! Thanks again!! Will recommend to everyone!!
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    Finaplix trenbolone

    Just curious. Do people still make their own tren these days. It used to be a thing. I haven’t been tapped in to the community for about 10 yrs because of overseas work but is making your own tren feasible still?
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    Six star pre workout

    I know once I start using I will be want it. I only take half a scoop usually. I enjoy the help with pumps. I’ve taken to much at times in the past and midway through a heavy lift my muscles just give out. It completely blows my workout. Don’t ever want that happening again.
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    Looking fat on cycle normal?

    It’s the Abombs
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    Six star pre workout

    Dang not one person like it but me lol.. ima have to check out this ostazol
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    Six star pre workout

    Just tried it today. Cheap, not overkill on caffeine. Great product!!
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    My first Test + Anavar cycle

    Looks good, the hcg during and towards the ends debatable but looks solid
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    Workout issue during PCT and others

    A few things to address. Dbol only do 40mgs for a 4 Weeks, during your cooldown, with Test e i would start pct 3 weeks after and for the sake of keeping gains. Eat as much and train just as hard during pct.
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    Post divorce comeback cycle

    If you’re worried more about weight loss. Go with test e and deca. Test 400 to 500mg a week stacked with deca 400mgs a week. Eat 180 to 200mgs or protein and crabs a day at 4000 calories. If it’s your first cycle just do the test. Don’t forget to have your ancillaries on hand and put.
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