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  1. stevesmi a joke shipping

    too many scammers out there. you have to prove to use you aren't scamming, not the other way around man we trust who we trust
  2. stevesmi

    Sarms for sale TD! Cardarine GW

    great job i have used for YEARS their GW has helped me with my cardio bigtime
  3. stevesmi

    Screwed up with steroid warehouse

    napsgear is who i trust with my gear they are always spot-on and they have fast customer service
  4. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Testosterone NPP Cycle Log

    your calves are looking good they should pop out pretty good
  5. stevesmi

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    excellent diet. The only thing I can hit you on is the almond milk. Almond milk is quite processed, consider switching to raw coconut water instead
  6. stevesmi

    Approved Log HSC318 Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log part 2

    good back workout there and the deadlifts look strong
  7. stevesmi

    Approved Log Big Blue - Log

    n2guard works great in any situation. it iwll help you bloods too
  8. stevesmi

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    that is a low dose on masteron. the only issue i see is excess DHT issues
  9. stevesmi

    Using tren, test, and proviron together

    if you want to limit sides you want to run the testosterone as low as possible or keep it out entirely most people who run tests high with Tren will end up with crazy high libido in bulk and strength like they could never imagine but the side effects can get very unbearable remember moderate...
  10. stevesmi

    TRT help from expert

    if you run your trt dose at the correct amount. This means that you're running it and not overdosing it too high. Then estrogen won't be a problem the main problem I see is guys go on trt and they're running 200 or 300 mg a week and then they complain about estrogen
  11. stevesmi

    How many vials do i need?

    you will need A LOT they both need to be ran for many weeks. you need basically a load month with these peptides then you can start lowering the dose
  12. stevesmi

    test tren mast cycle

    100mgs of masteron a week isn't enough to do much of anything for you 100mgs of tren is okay but you need probably closer to 250 on each
  13. stevesmi

    Opinions on starting my first cycle

    muscle and Body memory are a real thing. If you built up a nice physique prior it won't take you very long to get back to that level I will not rush into using steroids though. The main reason is injuries I've seen so many guys rush back and start taking steroids before they had built up their...
  14. stevesmi

    Should test dose increase with greater body mass?

    I fluctuated my weight 40 lb throughout my steroid using life i have found it didn't matter as long as the gear was good so basically my answer is focused more on quality gear and less on the dosage that you're using
  15. stevesmi

    A runners supplement stack

    you definitely don't want to take anything as a runner that will speed up your heart rate you also don't want to take anything that's going to increase pumps it's more about avoiding supplements than it is with supplements to take as a runner
  16. stevesmi prices are ridiculous is who I trust. They don't play any games like this and their prices are right there in black and white
  17. stevesmi

    Napsgear Don't Miss Out NapsGear Weekend Sale!

    20% off is an amazing deal thank you so much naps
  18. stevesmi

    Napsgear Don't Miss Out NapsGear Weekend Sale!

    the sale just started twenty percent off everything
  19. stevesmi

    Napsgear Don't Miss Out NapsGear Weekend Sale!

    naps is the #1 steroid source for a reason
  20. stevesmi

    Approved Log National bodybuilding prep 2023 -cycle log

    no doubt you will get your card great job man amazing
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