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  1. ElevenBravo77

    Social media dudes who refuse AIs?

    You should always do bloodwork and treat high E levels accordingly. Some people are less prone to high E and there are things you can do to help avoid spikes. But if your E levels get of range you should definitely take an AI. As others have mentioned, there are several other issues...
  2. ElevenBravo77

    Getting back to work

    I definitely plan on running a log once I finish moving and get settled in. I did some light dumbell and band work today. Still a lot soreness and lack of mobility in the shoulder. I also did squats and lunges holding a single db in just my right hand. I do about an hour of stretching and...
  3. ElevenBravo77

    Getting back to work

    Thanks bro, appreciate the support! For some reason my pic posted as a link rather than inline image. Where would you say my bf is right now? I'm thinking 17-18% but that maybe wishful thinking...may be closer to 20%. I want to build some strength back before I cut too much but I know I need to...
  4. ElevenBravo77

    Getting back to work

    What's up guys? I've been sidelined for quite a few months. As much as I tried to avoid it, I ended up having surgery earlier this year to repair a torn rotator cuff and labrum. I was in a sling for about 6 weeks and really couldn't do any form of exercise other than light walking. I've been...
  5. ElevenBravo77

    Hello all, newbie here!

    Welcome to the forum bro. I've been on TRT for around 4 years now and I had never used AAS prior to being put on TRT. If you really need TRT you'll see great benefits from your TRT dose for a while as long as your diet and training are in check. I'd ride that wave for a year or so and enjoy...
  6. ElevenBravo77

    andarine and ostarine run

    Dylan is your guy when it comes to SARMs. He won't steer you wrong I ran that stack on a 10 week cut and lost 5% bodyfat. I would have lost more but I had a big vacation mid cycle and didn't stay consistent with my diet for almost 2 weeks
  7. ElevenBravo77

    Equipoise + dbol

    I'd suggest 300mg Test 500mg EQ 50mg Dbol I ran this as my 3rd cycle with great results, only I ran Tbol instead of Dbol
  8. ElevenBravo77

    Testosterone with tbol or superdrol?

    The guys have you covered. Stay away from Superdrol if you're still new to AAS. Not worth it in IMO I'd stick with Tbol or Var. Tbol is my favorite oral but obviously it depends on your goals and everyone is different
  9. ElevenBravo77

    TBol only cycle question

    I've ran Tbol with TRT dose and gotten decent results. Just have realistic expectations. If you're diet is in check you should put on a few pounds of muscle and see some pretty solid strength gains. Adding some Test will make a substantial difference, even just 200-300mg Anytime I run Tbol now...
  10. ElevenBravo77

    Pharmacom Anavar vs Balkan

    It depends on your goals and obviously the source but I haven't had great results from Anavar and I haven't been super impressed with results I've seen with other guys I know. I've used Tbol 3 times and had great results every time. Significant strength gains and great vascularity with little...
  11. ElevenBravo77

    Pharmacom Anavar vs Balkan

    I prefer Tbol over Anavar but I'm recovering from labrum surgery so I'm not lifting and only running my TRT dose It's actually for a training partner. He's been scammed a couple times on Var and I told him I had a solid source. Just want to make sure I come through with legit gear
  12. ElevenBravo77

    Pharmacom Anavar vs Balkan

    I've had great results from Balkan products and I've heard nothing but good things about their Var. DS has been out of stock for a while so I was thinking about ordering Pharmacom since it's available. I've used DS a lot and I trust Greg but I've heard mixed results about Pharmacom. I know...
  13. ElevenBravo77

    I just don't get it

    I'm currently on a cut and I went out to eat with a group of friends tonight at a well known casual restaurant. Everyone's ordering bacon cheeseburgers with fries, fried chicken and waffles, etc. More saturated fat and refined carbs on one plate than I eat in an entire week. As usual when I...
  14. ElevenBravo77

    Favorite PSL product?

    Pretty basic but I love EP Test 250. I've used it exclusively for TRT the past couple years. 100mg a week is perfect where I've had to use 150-200mg with other brands to keep my levels up
  15. ElevenBravo77

    Anavar stronger?

    A lot of red flags here Too young Underweight Haven't done enough research You have no business doing any steroids right now. Get your diet and training in check then keep grinding for years, maybe try some SARMs, before you even think about gear
  16. ElevenBravo77

    what would happen if I ran 4000mgs of test?

    I thought maybe this dude was serious at first talking about 4 grams of test. That alone is absurd enough but when he said no AI or ancillaries and he is 25 I knew he had to be a troll. Nobody is that least I hope not
  17. ElevenBravo77

    Using testosterone with equipoise and tbol

    Honestly, at your age and body fat you shouldn't be using steroids at all. But I know you will do it anyway because nobody ever listens once they have their mind set on it. The dosing isn't bad. I like 300mg Test with 600mg EQ but I don't know your experience level. My first Test/EQ cycle was...
  18. ElevenBravo77

    Steroids vs. vacation

    Better get the most out of steroids while you can. Sounds like you'll be paying child support and alimony pretty soon. You'll be paying for your wife and kids to go on vacation with the pool boy
  19. ElevenBravo77

    Were You Stupid If You Believed The Liver King Was All Natural?: By Dylan Gemelli

    Great video as always bro! I dont even care that he's on steroids to be honest. It still takes a ton of hard work and dedication to get a body like that, despite what those outside of the PED world seem to think. It's the whole theatrics of his ancestral tenets bullshit and making people...
  20. ElevenBravo77

    Liver King caught lying about natty

    I think most people obvioulsy knew he wasn't natty. You'd have to be an absolute genetic freak, 10 years younger with a perfect diet and training regimen to even come to where he is without PEDs. He's a beast no doubt about it. And steroids or not it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to...
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