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  1. Seventieschild

    I will fuck asf up the ass .

    Nope they all be crusty big mess,best get some chlorine and hydro acid up in them stink pods,soak em good
  2. Seventieschild


    Sent to your pm bro
  3. Seventieschild

    My balls have gyno

    Same same,it's uncanny man,my nuts got gyno too,..exactly same cycle
  4. Seventieschild

    I will fuck asf up the ass .

    He's back with style,own them bitches,fucking bunch of bottom feeders...
  5. Seventieschild

    HELP need Australian source!!

    Hippie loves in a box then,bizzare thing he said.
  6. Seventieschild

    HELP need Australian source!!

    'the only real sellers use BTC' how so?that statement makes no sense,nonsense!
  7. Seventieschild

    Sarms aus

    I didn't realise he had sarms ,thought was only bpc and tb,
  8. Seventieschild

    Just found out my wife is pregnant !

    That baby could be anyone's,lol
  9. Seventieschild Legit?

    Probably cause they are US based and haven't heard of this source as it's not on Evo even in aussie section and it's aussie domestic.dont think he's shitting on them,just hadn't heard that they are a source in Aus with good reviews.his company ships to Aus as well,....
  10. Seventieschild

    Which steroids for my idiot husband?

    I think steroids will make him fatter,you need Viagra,n I think you're a little bit crazy thinking this is the best place to seek advice,or a troll,more than likely the latter.
  11. Seventieschild

    Feeling very calm on cycle

    What are your doses,you shouldn't be overly aggressive on this cycle,dbol is a feel good compound in itself and test is mild,you have no aggressive compounds here,that comes with tren,halo,etc.
  12. Seventieschild

    Using tren, test, and proviron together

    I would run my test at same as tren and of you get negative sides lower the test to trt,it's usually test with 19nors that exacerbates tren sides,some advocate to run test as high a tolerable,that's an option but not one I would recommend.
  13. Seventieschild

    HELP need Australian source!!

    Very helpful,cheers brother
  14. Seventieschild Legit?

    Yes legit and g2g brother
  15. Seventieschild

    I got scammed….need new source.

    You ship to NZ hey brother,hope so I just told a lad you do,hope I got it
  16. Seventieschild

    Sarms aus

    Ozpharmlabs has a good line of sarms.
  17. Seventieschild

    Nz source or shipping to nz

    I think hybrid labs and also [email protected],stocks great pharma grade compounds, Bayer, Sherring, Alphaphama, etc, [email protected]. quality hard to source pharmaceutical gear.refer, seventies
  18. Seventieschild

    I got scammed….need new source.

    Tonkatuff (Wickr) have sessions if you need it.
  19. Seventieschild

    Trusted labs here in Aus!!!

    How do you you contact austarlabs,just curios on their stock n prices.cheers
  20. Seventieschild

    Trusted labs here in Aus!!!

    Apex anabolics,hit me up for his contact,it's not on public threads, Ozpharmlabs threema MWKJ8SAD, Hybrid labs threema XXCZSM3J, ugloz(AJ) ,biological01,Wickr= 05f7a5784e6def851496663c27e9200713db4437cc0e4b1c09c49398f81edc7f6d ml or sessions...
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