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    Test enenthate and cypionate

    1 10 ml vial of each at 250 mg/ml and 500 mg cycle per week is only enough for 10 weeks. How you planning on 12 weeks?
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    Alternative grip benching

    I used to lift very heavy weights when benching and have shoulder issues on occasion now that I’m older. Even though it works a lot of tri’s, keeping elbows closer to sides of body reduces strain on shoulders. Granted u can’t bench as much but
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    blood pressure supplements

    Do you consume any caffeine? I’ve noticed, as I got older, caffeine raises my bp especially when my weight reaches 240 lbs. you may need bp meds until you can make lifestyle changes( ie better cardio, reduce water retention, lose bf, lower cholesterol/ triglycerides-better diet, etc..,) or may...
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    Seizure letter

    Thanks for advice. I’ll ignore letter I will stick to domestic supplier
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    Seizure letter

    Thanks I won’t respond to letter From your experience will my address be flagged on international orders?
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    Seizure letter

    I was trying new source out of Mexico. I’m located in USA I bought 1 vial and pct Just received seizure letter First time I ever got packaged seized There is option to select abandon. Should I check that and send back letter or ignore?
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    Steve I’d like a domestic source list. Thanks
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    Cycle recommendation 50 yrs old

    Thanks. Podcast was informative. I’m definitely wanting to run cycle Debating on test only in moderate dose or test at low dose with anavar Still researching
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    Cycle recommendation 50 yrs old

    I’m thinking test enanthate and anavar Weeks 1-12 test 400 mg Anavar 1-5 40 mg Pct at end Arimidix on hand Any thoughts?
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    Cycle recommendation 50 yrs old

    Thanks gearhead I was thinking of similar cycle or test and primo. Any thoughts on primo vs anavar? Should I do test injection 500 mg 1x week or 250 mg 2x week Also would nolvadex only be adequate for pct? Sorry for all questions but you know a lot more than me
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    Cycle recommendation 50 yrs old

    Hi. I’m new here. I’m 50 years old 6, and 230 lbs looking to get back into cycling. I’m looking for milder cycle for hardening up that is not bulking It’s been a while since I last cycled. I only have experience with test dbol and anadrol Any suggestions I appreciate any input
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