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  1. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Trenbolone Testosterone cycle log - Kader

    wow you look great bro. You are going to kill it on this log I can't wait to see your final results
  2. stevesmi

    Approved Log LOG - Macs Bulk 2023

    great job this is how to do a log right here
  3. stevesmi

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    this is a hell of a job on this log you are showing Amazing progress
  4. stevesmi

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    make sure you are continuing the mobility work on your shoulder and increase flexibility. Look up the eagle pose in yoga
  5. stevesmi

    Approved Log Pre cycle trt log

    I've cycled off of eating eggs for a few months now I'm going to be cycling them back in soon and I'm using some of your recipes
  6. stevesmi

    Secrets to using creatine

    creatine is naturally found in our body and in many of the foods that were eating. Supplementing it is not a miracle situation but it does help and creatine is a cheap product. Just make sure you're getting the pure stuff
  7. stevesmi

    Test and Primo

    You don't need an AI on Primo this is true. It is incapable of converting into estrogen however 300 milligrams of testosterone will convert to estrogen. The question is how sensitive are you to estrogen if you are worried just drop the test to 100mgs
  8. stevesmi

    no longer support

    Next time use napsgear
  9. stevesmi

    Gym manager, mistook my gynecomastia

    Find a specialist who will remove the gland completely also avoid aromatizing steroids and always keep nolva and Letro on hand
  10. stevesmi

    Nutrissa Cycle Support

    n2guard has 44+ ingredients and i Highly recommended on cycle and even post cycle over any other support supplement you can buy it from eBay or n2bm
  11. stevesmi

    Current Cycle, looking for answers

    thanks for the update. You have updated pictures by chance?
  12. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Testosterone NPP Cycle Log

    good job moving those shoulders and getting them loose
  13. stevesmi

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    if you are going to do that make sure you stick with short esters so you have flexibility
  14. stevesmi

    Approved Log Training Log - Female

    the great mystery among middle-aged women is how hormones affects their body weight it's sometimes a very tough riddle to solve. Clients like this that come to me I put them on very unique fasting protocols and that seems to do the job when nothing else will
  15. stevesmi

    Approved Log Dbol and test cypionate 10-week log

    that is a nice dish I might have to put something like that together
  16. stevesmi

    Approved Log My 7 week para pharma cut stack cycle log

    good job that was pretty much a 22-hour fast
  17. stevesmi

    Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

    nice on that post workout cardio. A job well done
  18. stevesmi

    Approved Log Pigsy log for 2023

    wow and some impressive logs. Really amazed at the amount of cardio you guys are doing great job
  19. stevesmi

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    I do miss cheese for sure. I quit Dairy completely around 4 or 5 years ago
  20. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    nothing better after a leg day that a nice meal
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