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  1. ballin2504

    A runners supplement stack

    I’d go with GW personally from umbrella labs
  2. ballin2504

    Bad headaches every afternoon.

    Hows your water intake
  3. ballin2504

    Looking good naked on steroids.

    Seems ya need to do a lot more research
  4. ballin2504

    How to add a MENT to my steroid stack.

    Ment would mess me up
  5. ballin2504

    Nutrissa Cycle Support

    I’ve found N2Guard works very well for me so I just stay with it
  6. ballin2504

    Switching Test Types Safe?

    Yes but going from test e to test p means more injecting
  7. ballin2504

    Should I use steroids or wait?

    Absolutely a sarms stack would be more fitting
  8. ballin2504

    Current Cycle, looking for answers

    That’s what I was thinking also
  9. ballin2504

    Sarms for sale TD! Cardarine GW

    Awesome. I love GW.
  10. ballin2504 prices are ridiculous

    They have gotten a lot of bad reviews recently
  11. ballin2504

    Screwed up with steroid warehouse

    I wouldn’t order a thing from them
  12. ballin2504

    Approved Log My Testosterone NPP Cycle Log

    Calves look strong
  13. ballin2504

    Approved Log Powerlifting 2023-2024 cycle Log - Female

    They are good air fried
  14. ballin2504

    Approved Log Big Blue - Log

    Let’s get some more updates
  15. ballin2504

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    Nope. But they look cool lol
  16. ballin2504

    Using tren, test, and proviron together

    350 of each
  17. ballin2504 a joke shipping

    I wouldn’t even think of using them
  18. ballin2504

    TRT help from expert

    Stevesmi has ya covered
  19. ballin2504

    How many vials do i need?

    I would t buy anything from them
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