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  1. zaccass1

    Video Dylan Gemelli Podcast with special guest The Anabolic Doc, Doctor Thomas O'Connor

    Nicely done Dylan he is a wealth of information. I joined the app and sent a question to the mailbag and he answered it and talked with him on zoom as well.
  2. zaccass1

    Why steroids get a bad name: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great topic again research and knowledge is key.
  3. zaccass1

    The Rising Popularity of Peptides: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Nice job as always looking forward to learning more
  4. zaccass1

    thoughts on sharing steroids with neighborhood kids?

    Awesome laughing my ass off
  5. zaccass1

    Just turned 60 and divorced

    Do your research on steroids and divorce
  6. zaccass1


    Happy easter to everyone
  7. zaccass1

    Peptide question

    My math checked out lol.Thanks Dylan.
  8. zaccass1

    Peptide question

    Hey guys trying to figure how many vials I would need for a 12 week run of bpc157.It would be a 5mg vial with 3mg bac at 500mcg per injection.Im thinking 9
  9. zaccass1

    Words of wisdom

    Nice answer thanks for keeping a open mind.
  10. zaccass1

    Words of wisdom

    Guess this will be my last one if you find it to be bs.
  11. zaccass1

    Words of wisdom

    My rotator cuff has been slow to heal.Ive been doing cardio and some leg work.Hoping to do more cycling this year and be able to hit the upper body later this year.
  12. zaccass1

    Words of wisdom

    Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
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