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  1. dylangemelli

    Test & Anavar Cycle

    there is an international store as well
  2. dylangemelli

    Test & Anavar Cycle

    places like are NOT ugls... he has all name brand products and nothing comes from a UGL, not to mention he has over a decade of feedback and an overabundance of real reviews...
  3. dylangemelli

    no longer support

    You need to stay on top of your research moving forward... Had you done this you would easily see that is the top rated place you can find!
  4. dylangemelli

    Test & Anavar Cycle

    your pct is terribly incomplete.. you are not factoring in many aspects of pct and nolva on its own with a steroid cycle is only going to make recovery longer and more difficult, which in turn makes keepability of gains even more difficult... it really sounds like you are set on what you want to...
  5. dylangemelli

    Approved Log Recovery Comeback Log - Peptides

    good luck with everything
  6. dylangemelli

    Looking good naked on steroids.

    Thats NOT enough training first of all.. lifting only 2-3 times per week and lower end cardio certainly is not the answer.. you are hoping that the compounds will do all the work for you and thats just not how it works, not to mention with the goals you have, you picked deca, which is a bulking...
  7. dylangemelli

    How to add a MENT to my steroid stack.

    You have only ran two cycles and want to just jump right to MENT? Thats honestly a very wreckless and bad idea, not to mention there are far better bulking options.. I would suggest looking at deca or npp, along with compounds like anadrol or dbol.. these are going to be much better options for...
  8. dylangemelli

    Switching Test Types Safe?

    yes you definitely can and I can 100% confirm that is the very best quality I have ever used
  9. dylangemelli

    Opinions on starting my first cycle

    you need to cut some more body fat before you consider using steroids plus you need to focus more so on getting your diet and training consistent and disciplined.. bulking is not the answer right now.. certainly, once you get into the proper condition, which you are not terribly far from, then...
  10. dylangemelli

    Should I use steroids or wait?

    yes, SMART SMART move.. HOLD OFF.. this is a marathon, not a sprint and you already are on your way to getting into the proper condition first... here is a good sarms cutting stack to consider for the best quality sarms visit either or 1-12...
  11. dylangemelli stinky results

    had you done the proper research you would see that is the very top rated and most trusted company out there!
  12. dylangemelli

    Screwed up with steroid warehouse

    if you do your research you will see that has the best reviews and best results you will find
  13. dylangemelli prices are ridiculous

    no we likely don't notice because noone would even be looking at them considering their terrible reputation.. if you do thorough research, you can easily see they are NOT a good place to go to.. reviews clearly show that is the most trusted and best reviewed place out there
  14. dylangemelli

    Should I use steroids or wait?

    you absolutely should wait.. you can get yourself into the proper condition, but right now you are closer to 25% you have zero business even discussing bulking in the current condition.. you certainly can get to where you need to be but you have some work to do.. it all starts with diet and...
  15. dylangemelli

    Using tren, test, and proviron together

    i generally recommend test and tren to be the same dose or very close to one another... 250 of each is a starting point i generally recommend
  16. dylangemelli

    TRT help from expert

    you should not be online asking people for trt advice... you should be seeking a professional endocrinologist first and foremost.. we have a ton of experience with it, certainly, and many of us are on it but each person has their OWN certain circumstance and you should always seek the help of a...
  17. dylangemelli

    test tren mast cycle

    what are your stats? age/height/weight/body fat??? cycle history?
  18. dylangemelli

    Opinions on starting my first cycle

    your bodyfat is "ok" but certainly not ideal right now.. i can tell you will get where you need to be though and thats a good sign bro.. i would not jump into steroids only being back to working out for 3 months either.. i would give it some time man.. go about this the right way, the safe way...
  19. dylangemelli

    Should test dose increase with greater body mass?

    no, you definitely do not need to go higher with it whatsoever
  20. dylangemelli

    How many vials do i need?

    umbrella certainly will ship to you in australia with no issue.. you just need to email customer service and they can take care of you
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