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  1. wolfpackalpha

    Peach Oil

    A few clients had a light allergic reaction, how did they feel the reaction to it? seemed to come out with bloating and inflammation at the injection site (more than usual). A few others thought they were having high histamine after peach oil injections but those are a few and far in-between...
  2. wolfpackalpha

    Peach Oil

    These days, Peach oil is a common carrier oil for anabolic steroids due to varying demand for cottonseed oil (the other popular carrier oil). I personally use TRT testosterone cypionate suspended in peach oil, very smooth injection and almost no PIP; however, PIP (post injection pain) is not...
  3. wolfpackalpha

    TJ Dillashaw EPO bust

    In this article, we discuss TJ Dillashaw and him being busted for EPO, but was he busted for anything else? keep reading:
  4. wolfpackalpha

    Victor Bolden Creatine Lawsuit

    Victor Bolden was a low level NFL star that was supposedly caught doping with SARMS (he claims he took creatine only), but did he really use SARMS? in this article, we discuss this profile and lawsuit...
  5. wolfpackalpha

    John Cena Steroid Cycle

    In this article, we discuss John Cena's life, career and his potential steroid cycle, so did he use steroids or not? read -
  6. wolfpackalpha

    Matt Christianer Cycle

    Matt Christianer is a true star in the bodybuilding industry. He went from being disabled to being a champion of the industry. Keep reading about his cycle:
  7. wolfpackalpha

    Jalen Collins Cycle

    Jalen Collins is a big star in the NFL. But is he a true star or did he just dope his way to the top? in this article, we discuss his possible doping violations -- read
  8. wolfpackalpha

    NFL: Rob Ninkovich cycle

    In this article, we discuss the steroid cycle and PED positive tests for Rob Ninkovich:
  9. wolfpackalpha

    When to start N2Guard?

    N2Guard should be taken during all oral steroid cycles @ around 6-7 capsules per day; however, if you have a mainly injection cycle, you can lower the dose to around 3-5 capsules per day.
  10. wolfpackalpha

    How Fast Will you See the Benefits of HGH?

    HGH Benefits are many but how fast can you see the benefits? In this article, Dylan discusses his views on HGH and results:
  11. wolfpackalpha

    Reccomendations for Anadrol

    Hard89, This is an interesting topic that's been fairly hotly debated over the years: How does oxymetholone interact with your estrogen receptors? Luckily, it's the topic of my next evolutionary research paper for 2019, so I'll share a few details here. Basically, Oxymetholone (OXY) is a...
  12. wolfpackalpha

    Lane Johnson Steroid Cycle

    Lane Johnson was a top player in the NFL. He has a powerful track record and he's a star for life, but was he ever caught with steroids? read on:
  13. wolfpackalpha is a scam

    Dear Members, This thread is closed, please review our investigation into this matter here: Thank you, WPA
  14. wolfpackalpha

    [OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] ProvenPeptides Review

    [OFFICIAL EVOLUTIONARY.ORG ANNOUNCEMENT] Dear Evolutionary Members, In the past 2 weeks, we have received multiple complaints about the research company: [from now on: PP]. In particular, a public claim was made by member: 800lbsgorillaa [from now on: 800]; in which, he...
  15. wolfpackalpha

    Saunas and HGH levels

    In studies, saunas boost HGH levels, but how can bodybuilders use these studies for their own gain? In this article, Dylan reviews the facts about saunas and HGH levels:
  16. wolfpackalpha

    Alshon Jeffery Steroid Cycle

    Alshon Jeffery is a very powerful NFL star, he's amazing in his game. But he was caught using PEDs recently, so what steroids/HGH did he use? read
  17. wolfpackalpha

    Jackie Chan Steroid Cycle

    Jackie Chan is an amazing martial arts star and a legend as a movie star. He does amazing tricks, while keeping in great shape - so how does he stay in shape? read on to find out if he uses steroids or HGH to stay in shape:
  18. wolfpackalpha

    President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga Steroid Cycle

    President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga is a huge star in his country, but everyone always suspects him of using steroids - does he? read on:
  19. wolfpackalpha

    Cryotherapy and HGH

    Did you know cryotherapy and HGH is a perfect recovery combination? It's used by most professional athletes, but how does it work? Read on:
  20. wolfpackalpha

    Fedor Emelianenko Cycle

    Fedor Emelianenko is a legendary MMA star - and, for a time, he was the best MMA fighter in the world. Yet, did he use steroids or HGH like all Russians? or is he clean? in this article we discuss the Fedor cycle:
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