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  1. JasonPriest

    Bloodwork Test levels

    what source are you using the gear from or are you getting it from a doctor? I'm not sure you answer that or am I missing the post
  2. JasonPriest

    Best steroid stack For boosting libido.

    you can actually buy everything on your own just by going to domestic Supply
  3. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My 7 week para pharma cut stack cycle log

    keep up with your training, diet, fasting, and Cardio
  4. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My bulking LOG after 10 years of weightloss surgery

    well its your log you can do as you wish if you run clen and tren then log it
  5. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My Comeback Diet training Pre Cycle log

    i would go 150mgs a week. keep the dose moderate for trt
  6. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My first Trenbolone cycle log

    hopefully you can get some melatonin next time
  7. JasonPriest

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    my favorite thing when i'm hurting is to take a vacation and just relax and soak in some sun
  8. JasonPriest

    Approved Log LittleTimeTrouble Big Time TRT Log

    you will never beat a gym setting. I am biased though since I own two gyms LOL
  9. JasonPriest

    Approved Log FlexyMcFlexFace comeback log

    yeah you should try out sumo wrestling while you are there :)
  10. JasonPriest

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    6.5 hours of sleep isn't bad i own 2 gyms so i'm lucky to get 7 hours
  11. JasonPriest

    Approved Log S.Gentz 2023/2024 bulk log

    nice job on this one, you are a lot bigger than i thought
  12. JasonPriest

    Gyno symptoms

    domestic supply has you covered they have all the different anti-estrogen drugs you need i would pick up letro, aromasin and nolvadex
  13. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My first Trenbolone cycle log

    check out some of the other logs and how they transfer stuff over here or reach out to them
  14. JasonPriest

    Approved Log MirinBrah - Cycle 3 Log

    you have a good physique and a nice base to work with I'm excited
  15. JasonPriest

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    If he likes his steak a certain way why are you guys trying to convince him otherwise?
  16. JasonPriest

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    I'm not a huge fish fan maybe i need to eat it fresh
  17. JasonPriest

    Acne on 300mg

    n2guard will help release some toxins also you can look into changing some things with your diet
  18. JasonPriest

    Epistane cycle

    what made you decide to use epi? it isn't a popular one to use a lot of people rather go with anavar
  19. JasonPriest

    How does cycle look?

    that is a lot of different steroids all mixed in plus you're using HGH on top of it. Have you done a cycle like this before? Because you said it's been over three years so just wondering
  20. JasonPriest

    SmallFry's next cycle, Recomp (Test, Tren, Win)

    domestic supply gear is A++ you made a smart choice going with us i'm excited to see your log here
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