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  1. meathead2019


    test and primo was what A-Rod was on. no joke lol.
  2. meathead2019

    Anavar and GW501516 for blood lipids

    take a statin 3 days a week. get lipids re-checked in 6 weeks. now i know some on here hate statins but they do work lol.
  3. meathead2019


    I have not taken a SARM in a very long time, probably like 5 years. I took 5 mgs today then went to the gym and noticed a definite boost in strength lol. Did some block pulls at 600 for 20 (w/ straps). Then almost blacked out lmao. I know the protocol calls for TWICE daily dosing but im...
  4. meathead2019

    I need help with the e2

    depending on the
  5. meathead2019

    I need help with the e2

    normal e2 is 20-30 units. good luck consistently keeping things in that range. aromatizing compounds are mainly test, dbol, MENT. not saying others dont convert but those are the most well known ones. letrozole too harsh at controlling e2. aromasin is harsh in the sense that if you crash e2...
  6. meathead2019

    First cycle - test+eq

    want to be clear here. if you are in fact 20 years old, this is not something you should do. i think everyone is pretty much saying that. but we cant stop you if you choose to obviously.
  7. meathead2019

    First cycle - test+eq

    20 is for sure too young but it appears his mind is made up. so theres that lol.
  8. meathead2019

    Test question - price / how long can you stay on it for?

    depending on the source one vial will run you max $100. if you are just on lets say 150 mgs weekly then you need 600 mgs monthly and therefore about 5 grams yearly. one vial typically has 2500 mgs so youd be spending max $200 per year. not bad. id get it legally through a doctor tho if...
  9. meathead2019

    Tbol, DHB, MENT and equipoise together

    1st run = test only. 2nd cycle maybe test and primo. there you go lol.
  10. meathead2019

    Trenbolone and Prilosec

    Is it a possibility that the GI issues with tren are mainly heartburn related and that daily dosed Prilosec is the solution? Prilosec weakens the immune system if i am correct and also thins bones over time increasing fracture risk (long term effects) but is this how other people deal with the...
  11. meathead2019

    First cycle - test+eq

    its hard to say what a good age is to begin steroids. i would say at least wait until 25 but thats arbitrary. 20 is the absolute earliest. you can do what you want but id iron out all the other aspects here for at least the next full year then reconsider. a good start imo is 300 mgs test...
  12. meathead2019

    Why is the Trenbolone is causing me insomnia

    wow this was a REALLY OLD thread lol
  13. meathead2019

    suspensions less sides? think again

    honestly right away. they hit within 1-2 hours post-injection. i think slow release of these compounds was created for a reason lol.
  14. meathead2019

    suspensions less sides? think again

    ive tried both test and tren suspensions and the notion that these quick acting versions have less sides is false. i got just as bad of sides from tren suspension as i did tren ace. and test suspension i got WAY WORSE sides than longer acting cyp and enth. just some 2 cents here. probably...
  15. meathead2019

    Creatine- thoughts on and off cycle?

    im actually not a fan of creatine use simply because it raises your serum creatinine which i would doubt is a good thing. however, its been widely used for a long time and i myself used it for a long time. i came off it when my SCr got up to 1.5. after one month was back down to 1.2. cant...
  16. meathead2019

    Female married co-worker caught me using steroids

    this might be the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard lmao :ROFLMAO:
  17. meathead2019

    Running deca for joints

    i have completely abandoned any and all versions of nandrolone which are basically phenylpropionate and decanoate lol. id advise against this.
  18. meathead2019

    Why is the Trenbolone is causing me insomnia

    ive abandoned tren for the most part now, but when i ran the E version i couldnt sleep at all like 1 hour lol. Ace i could sleep but it was like 6 hours of poor quality sleep. switch from E to A and lower the weekly dose to just 200 mgs. trens sides make it not worth it imo.
  19. meathead2019


    ok so the acetate version of primobolan (methenolone) is in the oral form and the enanthate version is in the injectable form. whats the allure of this drug? appears outside of testosterone, that it is the mildest drug based on reviews. anybody have experience with this one? is it even worth...
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