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    Which lab to use now

    Hey all so with Apex shutting down for the time being, who will people be using? Just saw a post that ozpharm is shutting down? or are they just going offline from the forum? Theres a heap of new labs popping up but one has to show some caution, UGL and Aus juice seem to be having a few...
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    Traveling with AAS

    I don't have any issues when I travel to work, I have all my gear in my checked bag, as I'm generally only travelling with 1 bottle of test so i have it in my hand carry next to eye drop bottles etc. Never have any issues. But yeah toiletries is where most people put them. Remember its not...
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    You need someone to vouch for you, but its hard when you dont post, as who ever refers you is putting their ass on the line.
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    FeArmE Training log

    Heres a photo taken by my daughter during a shoulder workout.
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    FeArmE Training log

    Yeah dude, just some family life stuff really. wife kids, birthdays etc. as much as i want to updated as much as i can sometimes ya just need to get offline
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    FeArmE Training log

    Here's my last week of workouts, getting stronger... Diet is Prot 287 Carbs 238 Fat 49 Calories 2541 Supps, fish oil, milk thistle, liver and organ protect. Back and Biceps Wide Neutral Grip Pulldowns 4 x 6 60kg x 6 70kg x 6 80 kg x 6 80kg x 6 One Arm DB Row 3 x 8-10...
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    OzPharmLabs Anavar

    If you really want to know if you have anavar or not, go get a test kit, pedtestkit australia, they are on insta. it will tell you if the product is bunk or not or if its another compound. I believe you can also send them samples which they send off for testing to confirm dosages too.
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    FeArmE Training log

    OK blood results, as you can see there's a massive difference between the two. Running 250mg per week split into 2 shots a week. You see a lot of guys talk about bloods and they will post bloods etc but to be honest i haven't really seen many posted. There's so much out there that says...
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    FeArmE Training log

    Hey All Ive been away for a bit, had a few things pop up in life as they do and something had to give. So it was my time for updating. Ive still been training, getting some good results. ill post my last few workouts, Diet is going strong. Ive gained 8kgs since starting my Test cycle. I...
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Hey all I've been a bit quiet lately as had a bit on my plate. Any way I went and got my bloods done 6-7 weeks after my first shot I'm only taking 1ml/250mg a week split into 2 shots. If these numbers don't say the gear is legit I don't know what will LH <0.1 L FSH...
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    Shen Long, especially for you to talk shit

    I have zero issues with your comment about test levels etc. I actually found it interesting to read. Did i agree with it in the end probably not from what i have read theres nothing really to back it. Thats not to say there may be some actual facts there just not proven. Everything one reads...
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    apex nutrition reviews

    Your diet as you call it will always fail you if you don't enjoy it. If you have tried a few different diets to date and you have failed as you put it, why did you fail, what aspect of it did you fail, and my personal favorite is you saying you failed because you didn't reach your goals in your...
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    Shen Long, especially for you to talk shit

    Your just a moron who likes to stir shit, i really dont care if i have typed a word twice by mistake, quite often ive been writing stuff in the early hours of the morning while on shift. I can read and comprehend just fine my friend. Im probably more educated than you are. Im at the top of my...
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    Doing 1000mgs a week of straight testosterone

    I love this, it makes me laugh so much. Why do people always think more is better, presonal favourite is ive done 1 cycle so i better double up. when they should be thinking how long did it take me to get here natural, but yet 1 12-16 week cycle of test i expect to be Ronnie coleman by the end.
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    DO NOT buy steroids without knowing how to use them first! New video Dylan Gemelli

    Not prickish haha love it. I would have also posted your worst expereinces video alongside this as well. got a bit of watchin to do here, the more i can learn and take in the better
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    Shen Long, especially for you to talk shit

    Im confused.... If your in a vein you you get blood thats the whole point a a vein to carry blood. why where you injecting gas in the first place? and from what i have read if you inject a bt of oil into a vein its generally not the end of the world but and its a big BUT there are some...
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    His threema ID has changed, ts going to be hard to get a reference if people dont know you, as its their ass on the line also. hope you find someone who can vouch for you
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    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Your friend should have got a msg from him saying he was going quiet for a week and all orders will be halted. hes back online now and orders are currently being filled. best bet try apex again. i had mine with 3 days. Some shipments just take longer
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    When sarms fail ?

    My first question would be why s23 stacked with s4, your wanting to put on size and strength, why not run rad and ldg ?? IIFYM is a great starting tool for people to learn how to count calroies and still enjoy some of the good things in life. But it certainally isnt good for real outcomes, Id...
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    Elbow pain on cycle

    It would be from the cycle but it could also be tennis elbow or golfers elbow, you need to look at the cause of the pain. What sups/vitamins are you taking to assit with the cycle? Everyone focuses on the AI's but forget about the little things also. what exercises are causing hte pain? if its...
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