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  1. ceo

    Before and After Sarms

    bros log this sarms run that is the only way that we can see for sure that you are running things correctly
  2. ceo

    First recomp cycle while on TRT?

    bros log this shit please we need to see your day to day changes Get your diet and training up so we can hold you accountable
  3. ceo

    Looking to learn before my first cycle

    Bros log this journey out first cycle especially always going to be better when you get a log going
  4. ceo


    Bros I've been around a long time I've seen a lot of people using bad gear and ending up in major problems medically
  5. ceo

    Your thoughts on the book "Ultimate Guide to roids" by DAN the bodybuilder from THAILAND.

    bros best info here on evo. Free articles with medical proof and the best podcast in the business
  6. ceo

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    bros keep carbs low and keep progressing slowly
  7. ceo

    Approved Log Recovery Comeback Log - Peptides

    bros if using bpc gotta get deep into injury close
  8. ceo

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    bros nice leg workout not an easy one at all
  9. ceo

    Approved Log RoidRageWife Female Training Log

    sista Yes happy birthday to you
  10. ceo

    Approved Log Training Log - Female

    sista more veggies please.
  11. ceo

    Approved Log Pre summer shred cycle Log

    bros nice log start you look good. You got some size on you now next up would be to shred up more
  12. ceo

    21 year old birthday bash sarms run

    bros lower the doses go with sarms safe for 21 years old
  13. ceo

    choosing between ostazol and cardazol

    bros ostazol and cardazol rock! great products
  14. ceo

    choosing between ostazol and cardazol

    bros caradzol and ostazol the top 2 options
  15. ceo


    bros you need to do a better job with your diet we all do
  16. ceo

    Video Beware of steroid influencers and steroid dealers on social media sites!!! A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    bros avoid anyone selling you gear from any social media app
  17. ceo

    frustrating experience with

    bro grizzlyroids scamming everyone for months now
  18. ceo

    Napsgear NapsGear POTW - Get 50% Off On Trenbolone 200 (Dragon Pharma)

    bros 50% off is a sick deal
  19. ceo

    Approved Log Dbol and test cypionate 10-week log

    bros Make sure you cook your beans thoroughly that will help release some of the hard to digest compounds
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