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  1. stevesmi

    Video Beware of steroid influencers and steroid dealers on social media sites!!! A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I wouldn't trust anybody out there especially in the fitness industry
  2. stevesmi

    choosing between ostazol and cardazol

    ostazol and cardazol also n2guard is a very good supplement
  3. stevesmi


    everyone wants a pill to lose weight. Hey I can't blame you but the reality is these diabetes drugs that are making the rounds have long-term consequences and side effects not a single person I know who uses this has kept their weight off they actually gain everything back and more when they...
  4. stevesmi

    21 year old birthday bash sarms run

    forget s23 at your age we've said this a million times it's just not good for you and it will shut you down and also use umbrella I will do a simple g.w. and lgd stack
  5. stevesmi


    I personally wouldn't use it man it's just not worth it you can go on napsgear and get legit gear
  6. stevesmi

    Your thoughts on the book "Ultimate Guide to roids" by DAN the bodybuilder from THAILAND.

    the true great bodybuilding books are those that were done without the intention of getting more clicks to their YouTube channel by people you've probably never heard of try going to your local library and checking out some bodybuilding books you'll be shocked at the difference information...
  7. stevesmi

    Looking to learn before my first cycle

    definitely would help if you can get some pictures up so we can see your body structure also your diet needs some work definitely too many meals for someone who is worried about out there body fat
  8. stevesmi

    First recomp cycle while on TRT?

    your body fat is around 20% I would guess but I can see you do have some sort of base on your frame. That's good you need to get your body fat down we will help you
  9. stevesmi

    Before and After Sarms

    There are several different logs up on here you can take a look at the pictures and you should do a log yourself to show us all your progression
  10. stevesmi

    Approved Log Pre summer shred cycle Log

    20 years old is that a typo or are you really that age?
  11. stevesmi

    Approved Log Recovery Comeback Log - Peptides

    six days a week of cardio is excellent dedication
  12. stevesmi

    Approved Log Training Log - Female

    as long as your berries are organic you are good. They spray so much crap on those
  13. stevesmi

    Approved Log RoidRageWife Female Training Log

    deloads are always a great thing I really believe in them as I've gotten older also OMAD is a great strategy at cleaning up your gut health and old cells
  14. stevesmi

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    keep it going man you are hustling and you are grinding
  15. stevesmi

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    thanks for putting up some brand-new pics don't worry we'll get you there man
  16. stevesmi

    frustrating experience with

    use if you want legitimate gear. There are too many scammers out there got to be careful
  17. stevesmi

    Napsgear NapsGear POTW - Get 50% Off On Trenbolone 200 (Dragon Pharma)

    you won't be 50% off this is a tremendous deal in dragon is a great brand
  18. stevesmi

    Napsgear NapsGear POTW - Get 50% Off On Trenbolone 200 (Dragon Pharma)

    Yet another fantastic sale thank you so much naps
  19. stevesmi

    Approved Log HSC318 Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log part 2

    nice bar bend, making us proud
  20. stevesmi

    Approved Log Female + Vegan + fasting OFF gear natural log

    that is quite the party
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