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  1. Seventieschild

    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Im just fucking with you bro, nothing wrong with your pic,we all start the same and all grow different,we start and never stop,forever changing and honing our physique,will post pics soon as I can sort it,I get to attach then select but the photos always have my google account and name at...
  2. Seventieschild

    AussieApex - Apex Anabolics - Aus Domestic

    Took him 8 years of juicing ozgear to get them traps,he's over on anabolic thread asking what best steroid to get huge shoulders,just gonna train shoulders cause he's getting to big everywhere else,lol,hahaha I just nearly pissed myself laughing writing this
  3. Seventieschild

    Thoughts on this game please

    You should be fine bro,if you're taking nolva and arimadex why not throw in some dbol,just to take at least week or two away if you are concerned of you levels dipping to sweet fa,only need 10mg a day and will provide enough estrogen conversion.butveven without I believe the long esters will get...
  4. Seventieschild

    Buy Pharmaceutical Steroids

    Still trying to figure out how to post photos,tech retard man
  5. Seventieschild

    Quality HGH source

    Going to give Shogun hgh a run after bloods this week.
  6. Seventieschild

    Are OzPharmLabs still good to go?

    Always been g2g,still are
  7. Seventieschild

    OzPharm Nexnos Test 400 Blood results

    They are good numbers for that dose,getting bloods done this week on 210mg test prop from ugloz.cinished cycle couple weeks ago,had Anavar her n there.
  8. Seventieschild

    What’s your favourite bulking cycle ?

    Still love the simple test e,deca and Anavar or dbol for classic bulk
  9. Seventieschild


    Shes a bad girl,i think I knew her,Michele was always good value...
  10. Seventieschild


    100% rate his Anavar as top shelf,gym pumps, vascularity,strength, are great,though i bombed 50ng and went for a 20km bike ride,far out man my glutes and quads,hammys,were hammered for days,ride a bike on his var and you know about it hard.
  11. Seventieschild


    (body_ [email protected]).,yeah g2g bro,great product range,some excellent pharma options,say seventies refer or use Evo as reference as gets a lot of spam .get quicker response.biological is coming back and be online very soon if not already.
  12. Seventieschild

    I will fuck asf up the ass .

    Fuck off you skinny little gutless fuck,what are you gonna to to back your slut mouth nothing, absolutely nothing,one day karma will cross your path you little skinny slag.jelly backbone bitch.haha dumb cunt,no wonder your family can't stand you.
  13. Seventieschild


    Yeah sparta Anavar,running it at 40 mg pre workout, excellent results, insane pumps.took 40mg went for 20km bike ride and hamstring,glutes were wrecked for few days as if I'd been doing squats or hard leg day,pumps were crazy good.
  14. Seventieschild

    How does cycle look?

    2iu a day for gh,25mg for proviron
  15. Seventieschild

    8 week cycle.

    Sustanon and EQ
  16. Seventieschild

    Switching Test Types Safe?

    Changing esters no worries,if you don't mind pinning eod.
  17. Seventieschild

    SmallFry's next cycle, Recomp (Test, Tren, Win)

    Try tren at 400 mg week,try get p5p and run that rather than shouldn't have any problems at 400 especially if 200 gave you no sides at all
  18. Seventieschild

    Gyno symptoms

    You should take 12.5 mg aromasin twice a week or on day of injection assuming you're pinning twice.
  19. Seventieschild

    Kick-starting. And also capping a cycle.

    No need to kickstart,even longer esters like enanthate are cleaved and released into the body/bloodstream in first 48 hours to a certain peak,then after that the rest is slowly released over the ester half life,it just takes time to reach full saturated stable blood levels,but the drug is...
  20. Seventieschild

    What’s Going on with OzPharmaLabs

    Don't stress brother,they always come through,have been dealing with them for years and they've been around a long time for a reason.i use rep Dr Oz though speak regularly with OG and he just gets busy af.
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