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  1. Mobster

    Kick-starting. And also capping a cycle.

    100%. An example is the very simple oral dbol cycle. 30mg a day works well and that's just 210mg a week
  2. Mobster

    chocolate milk protein powder

    Key word - vs muscle
  3. Mobster

    Veteran Thread Why Mobster is NOT a bodybuilder...

    True. But this is just saying what my journey is
  4. Mobster

    First recomp cycle while on TRT?

    Good advice
  5. Mobster

    Looking to learn before my first cycle

    Stevesmi has a great article on blood tests
  6. Mobster

    Your thoughts on the book "Ultimate Guide to roids" by DAN the bodybuilder from THAILAND.

    As Stevesmi knows I've literally 100's of such books and close to maybe 10000 bodybuilding magazines
  7. Mobster


    If they can't spell right fuck knows what's in it Stick with PSL, NapsGear or UGFreak
  8. Mobster

    21 year old birthday bash sarms run

    Regarding 'shut down'. It's a question of degree. There will be, with some, some suppression just not the same as with more potent AAS
  9. Mobster

    choosing between ostazol and cardazol

    The issue is none of the above products include even close to the effective daily dose of 5g of Creatine. They do include SOME as you asked
  10. Mobster

    Approved Log Pre summer shred cycle Log

    You're too young for AAS
  11. Mobster

    Approved Log Training Log - Female

    A nice fast walk
  12. Mobster

    Approved Log RoidRageWife Female Training Log

    Key to feeling ok
  13. Mobster

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    What's the thinking behind weight loss numbers before and after the gym??
  14. Mobster

    Approved Log My TRT Diet Training Log

    Photos are perfect!!
  15. Mobster

    Napsgear NapsGear POTW - Get 50% Off On Trenbolone 200 (Dragon Pharma)

    Lots of love for Tren deals!!
  16. Mobster

    Napsgear NapsGear POTW - Get 50% Off On Trenbolone 200 (Dragon Pharma)

    Yet another great deal from NapsGear!
  17. Mobster

    Video Beware of steroid influencers and steroid dealers on social media sites!!! A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    100%. I'm almost ok with then if they let you know up front they are selling and what it is. But how many times have we seen what ended up being a soft sell for diet plans on the socials?
  18. Mobster

    Photos and how to get the best from your log images

    Inspired by recent suggestions I've made in several of our amazing members logs here's why you MIGHT see even more benefits by learning to get more from photos There are several, male and female, loggers who use more or less the same single pose each time. Now you CAN obviously make a...
  19. Mobster

    Approved Log Mobster 28 day Euro Pharmacies power bulk log

    Slowly upping the food but deffo seeing the sus/deca and DBol work their magic
  20. Mobster

    Approved Log RoidRage69 Log

    On oatmeal: Among the various cereals I have are two high protein granola type products yet oatmeal, with nothing added, is as good or better
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