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  1. J

    Ziox Turinabol

    180 tabs - $200 PM if interested
  2. J

    Bloods taken most recently with OZpharm labs?

    Me? Currently OzPL, just going to up my dose until I can get my homebrew stuff next month.
  3. J

    Bloods taken most recently with OZpharm labs?

    I'm on perma cruise, test enanthate 175 per week. Got my latest order about 5 weeks ago. It feels underdosed enough that I'm not even willing to put the effort into getting bloods and I'm going back to my local source. Maybe others will have a different experience and this is a once off bad...
  4. J

    Dragon Pharma

    Anyone ordered from this source? Made an express order last week which I didn’t receive and contact has dropped off. Scammed?
  5. J

    Urgent source for PCT

    After tamoxifen and aromasin but unfortunately OPL is temporarily closed down
  6. J

    Nexnos vs OzPharm

    I e switched between the two on both blast and cruise and found OPL to be noticeably better at the same dose in terms of libido, fullness and strength. Maybe I just got a couple bad batches of nexnos though, I never had bloods while using it
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