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  1. rdm

    PuritySourceLabs MEGA SALE OFF CUTTING MIX PLUS - 300mg/mL- 10mL (3 ESTERS IN 1mL) only at PSL

    Make sure to take a look at our recent HPLC report for this product ;)
  2. rdm

    PuritySourceLabs LOCAL SALE ~ Testosterone Enanthate - 250mL/10mL ~ LOCAL SALE

    Very rare local sale from PSL! TAKE ADVANTAGE! (y)
  3. rdm

    PuritySourceLabs **Important information regarding our upcoming temporary closure (Restocking) PLEASE READ**

    Hey brother! Yes, the website it back up. This was planned and posted in our sub forum.
  4. rdm

    It's Official "IS BACK".. New products and bonus services "WOW"!

    Only 3 days left until we're closed until the 23rd!
  5. rdm

    PuritySourceLabs END OF SUMMER SALE ALERT at PSL - STORE CLOSES Sept 6th-23rd (re-stock) up to 33% OFF

    The 6th is literally next week. Get your orders in before our break! 🙏
  6. rdm

    PSL BPC-157 SALE!

  7. rdm

    It's Official "IS BACK".. New products and bonus services "WOW"!

    Lots of deals currently going on... too many to list! Check out our website for all offerings :)
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