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    PSL Anadrol from Euro Pharmacies. A little disapointed.

    I'm giving up on PM ing you. Just isn't going through. I guess we can just communicate through this thread if you want.
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    PSL Anadrol from Euro Pharmacies. A little disapointed.

    I tried tp PM you twice but it's not going through. Like i said earlier, never looked into clean lean mass cycles so anyone out there who has some advice i'll take it
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    PSL Anadrol from Euro Pharmacies. A little disapointed.

    I'll tell you what. Every cycle i have done over the last 27 years has been a bulker. Usually dbol, Test and Deca. Lately i started adding Tren at the end. I've never done Mast or VAR and i am getting sick of having to eat like an animal to put on 20 to 30 lbs. So i will take you up on your...
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    PSL Anadrol from Euro Pharmacies. A little disapointed.

    I appreciate the feedback. I'll feedback to some of your responses. I was going to just reach out to PSL but first of all i didn't want them to think i was looking for a refund or send me something for free. I've been doing this for a long time and i know the risks we take. so i' fine with it...
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    PSL Anadrol from Euro Pharmacies. A little disapointed.

    This post is coming a little later than i wanted. I had to stop my last cycle a few weeks in because i got sick. It was a Test, Tren and liquid Anadrol cycle. I actually posted my early results on this forum. When I started the cycle again, I added oral Anadrol to kick start it. I did 50 mg the...
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    Can't go wrong with PSL.

    I placed a domestic order in June. It turned out the order got seized. I was tracking it and saw it wasn't moving any more. So i got in touch with PSL and asked if they could see what was going on. They informed me it was seized. 4 days later i received the order. They resent it , no questions...
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    PSL comes through again!

    Thanks Vision. Do have one question. Received a packet of 50 25mg dbol pills. 34 of them were small, round, rounded white tablets. But 16 of them were round white tablets, but bigger and flat. Not worried just, a little confused,
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    PSL comes through again!

    Couldnt get my review to go through on the review forum so i'll put it here. Received my order after several mistakes on my part. PSl was very patient as always and i got my shit the other day. Made great gains on last cycle, but lost them all due to getting sick. Looking forward to putting that...
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    Pre mixed HCG

    Has anyone ever dealt with this? I've always dealt with PSL, but i thought it might be a good idea to get my PCT from an actual pharmacy. So i went with Domestic. My 2 vials of HCG came in 2 vials! No powder. Just a premix. Iv'e been doing steroids for 20 years. I've only done PCT 3 times, i'm...
  10. B Reviews

    Just placed my first order with them. So far so good. they told me they were shipping on Monday and my order came on Tuesday. Doesnt get any better than that. Ill give another review in a month regarding quality. Im not worried though.
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    PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews

    5 out of 5 rating for PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews This is my second time ordering from them. Im 10 weeks in on a Dbol Test C Deca cycle. Im up 22 lbs. Didnt lose anything after coming off Dbol which i was very surprised at. My strength is still going up! Im going to order some...
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    New PSL customer

    Im kind of new to this site.Came on a couple of months ago , Ive been ordering online for about 15 years. Ive used about 5 different sources. All from a different site that isnt functioning anymore. The last source i used for about 4 years but the last order i placed i got some bunk anadrol. So...
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