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  1. Fatboy26

    Ex wife - high blood pressure.

    Her weight don’t help though I agree but typically she’s doesn’t have high blood pressure…. Mindful effort into controlling how we react to life’s circumstances.
  2. Fatboy26

    Ex wife - high blood pressure.

    Really appreciate the support guys. It’s a very concerning matter.
  3. Fatboy26

    Ex wife - high blood pressure.

    Really appreciate the response guys. N2 guard did cross my mind. All natural ingredients which I’m sure she will approve of.
  4. Fatboy26

    Ex wife - high blood pressure.

    Hey guys. My ex wife has been struggling with her blood pressure due to work and certain family issues. She seen the doc today she’s suffering from anxiety and high blood pressure. She ruthlessly doesn’t want to be on permanent blood pressure medication. Apart from self responsibility what...
  5. Fatboy26

    Red meat

    Freeking awesome information. I’m certainly going to read up more about this. The more you look into subjects like this the more you realize it’s just plain bad for you and convenience comes with a price.
  6. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    Support animals are a great idea.
  7. Fatboy26

    Undersized but motivated

    Sust only. I’m sure you expected that. Who told you to build your first cycle with Tren included.
  8. Fatboy26

    New member

    You are in the right place my friend. 💪
  9. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    Animals can assist you in dark times and depression. It’s give you purpose and responsibility. And they funny…. I really want to get a chameleon but geckos are more social. Chameleons are more interesting but can go full on military on you, they more recluse.
  10. Fatboy26

    thoughts on sharing steroids with neighborhood kids?

    I read the first paragraph and the last one. I’m not reading all that shit. Was bored
  11. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    I meant affection. Some people are IQ deficient. Lack of empathy. I wanted to be a Vet when I was younger. I even relocate spiders lol It awesome when a cat chooses you or you gain an animals trust… a neighbor left their cat behind when they moved. Took me weeks to gain his trust but I did...
  12. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    A man can be measured by his kindness and effect upon to animals. There’s some truth in that I think
  13. Fatboy26

    Wife is cheating on me while on cycle

    The substance she found attractive in the beginning is no longer there or it exists and you got comfortable. When a women seeks attention from other men it’s always the mans fault. If you want any chance of keeping the family together it can’t come from a position of weakness once you confront...
  14. Fatboy26

    Green Bean Chicken

    Soy sauce - no sugar and less than 1 carb per table spoon. Full of flavor. Best
  15. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    Kittens make a dog person become a cat person. We used to close the bedroom door at night and after 10 minutes they wanted in to cause trouble. Climbing up the curtains and defeated our air bed at the time. Rascals. As adults the figured out how to get on the roof. They mad
  16. Fatboy26

    Sarms and fat people

    I wish you guys well. I know someone who went up close to 300. You don’t need me to tell you about the health implications and diabetes. You must do this. You own it to yourselves. Get your carbs ultra low. The basic principle of keto work. In essence carbs under 50 or 30. Or lower. Cardio -...
  17. Fatboy26

    Another guy freaking out about gyno thread.

    You’re in safe hands brother. I was wondering how long to spent off in-between cycles. I made many mistakes many many years ago through ignorance and utter stupidity. I’m a different Person today though. You’ll be just fine following these guys directive, just don’t leave it. Stay on top of it.
  18. Fatboy26

    Former big 12 athlete need respect again

    Yup 100%. Personally I’m not even mentally ready to run a cycle right now it would be reckless for me to do so. And it has to be for the right reasons.
  19. Fatboy26

    Cat hates steroid using boyfriend

    My ex wife kept our two cats. Optimus Prime and Dora. I freeking miss those cats. They do sense if you’re a threat or have a pleasant aura about you.
  20. Fatboy26

    Do steroids magically get you into shape? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    That’s what people think and it’s just not true.
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