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  1. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Testosterone and Equipoise Cycle Log

    nice job, keep up the good consistency and good things will happen
  2. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

    The American version of this would be full of refined oils, salt, and other preservatives
  3. stevesmi

    Approved Log My Bulking Diet Training Sleep log

    Your diet has improved 100% if I'm going to nitpick it's going to be only getting five hours of sleep try to get at least 7 hours consistent every day that's when your body recovers and repairs
  4. stevesmi

    Approved Log Legacy labs Testosterone cycle log

    Just meal prep your food man and store them in containers. when you want to eat then heat them up and eat. there is no healthy fast food!! the premise behind fast food was the save people time once in a while but starting in the 90's people started to eat nothing but fast food and junk...
  5. stevesmi

    Approved Log Log using SARMS - female competitor bikini

    what brand/source did you get your sarms? those aren't sarms side effects you describe
  6. stevesmi

    Approved Log My TRT and Testosterone DHB cycle Log

    Sleep is possibly the most important thing there are different ways to improve sleep that people aren't aware of. 1 is wearing blue blockers before bed. this will block the blue light
  7. stevesmi

    Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

    he can do both I've yet to meet a person who came to my house and ate my healthy meals say that it wasn't the most delicious meals they've ever had in their life people have to learn that eating healthy can still mean delicious food
  8. stevesmi

    Approved Log Recomp SARMS log - packing muscle, gaining strength, staying lean (third cycle)

    very nice Beach and like I said before not many people let us know how you ended up liking the trip
  9. stevesmi

    Approved Log HSC318 Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log part 2

    that's definitely some big boy weights
  10. stevesmi

    Approved Log IFBB Season A prep log (first time competing)

    nice job, i like to take orals pre workout too for an added boost
  11. stevesmi

    Approved Log 29yo Steroid Blast And Cruise Journey Log

    you've got some size on you for sure
  12. stevesmi

    Approved Log Supertired health and recovery log - female

    I think it's best if we give her her space and let her deal with whatever she's dealing with
  13. stevesmi

    Approved Log Bulking Cycle and Telmisartan source? log

    was it exposed to any elements while being stored? It can get pretty hot during the summer where I live where if I put something in the closet it would get ruined
  14. stevesmi

    how to lower appetite with steroids

    anabolic steroids were not designed to suppress appetite so if you use them for that purpose by throwing too many toxic things that your body then you're only making your body sick which makes no sense just forget this entire idea
  15. stevesmi

    Anadrol and tren stack

    there are steroids that aren't meant to be stacked anadrol is one of them. if you run anadrol then run it solo if you run tren run it solo EXCEPT you can stack mild steroids with it like tbol or var
  16. stevesmi

    What are my best AAS options to run with TRT dose if I’m sensitive to elevated E2 / tanked HDL (New here. Thanks for having me!)

    It's normal for blood work to get a little skewed on a blast it's also important to make sure your trt is at a proper dose that will make a difference also n2guard on the blast is crucial, it will help things plus you've got to do the things that are needed to keep a healthy heart like daily...
  17. stevesmi

    Anyone order from

    not approved so don't use use napsgear, they are approved
  18. stevesmi

    Napsgear Review ?

    napsgear runs sales all the time. i would check those out right now they got GP gear 50% off for testosterone and they have weekend sales all the time.
  19. stevesmi

    Approved Log S.Gentz Recomp/Cut Log 2023-2024

    I like all those brands. Excited to see ur progression on them
  20. stevesmi

    NapsGear Experience Not Good

    i believe that you are genuine but you can't claim a sources gear is poor and then not even tell us your diet and training nor provide bloodwork showing anything i've seen plenty of guys eat mcdonalds, poptarts, pizza and chikfila come on here and claim gear didn't work. also other factors at...
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