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  1. xBSer

    Tren A week 2 questions

    you should be doing a log I love the ds tren
  2. xBSer

    Issue with Napsgear

    I never had issues paying on napsgear via btc before but my last order was 2 months ago.
  3. xBSer

    Thanks N2BM and Ricky V!

    Nice looking good.
  4. xBSer

    Did Nelson Montana do gay for pay?

    nelson did gay for pay? wow! I thought he was a trust fund baby or something like that right?
  5. xBSer

    No sides on tren? (So far)

    50mgs of trenbolone acetate 50mgs of testosterone propionate Every day and you are not getting sides or results? either it's counterfeit fake or it's just underdosed. Mostly likely you have underdosed aas.
  6. xBSer

    Ricky V Rock’s 4 week transformation.

    I have 1 BIG cheat meal per week like for 2 hours I eat anything I want followed by 20 hour fast to cleanse my system. It makes me more level. I agree with you here we all need a cheat meal boost. - - - Updated - - - I don't think BK is bad. I eat at burger king or mcdonalds 1 time per...
  7. xBSer

    Cardarine and cancer risk, Nelson Montana says it caused cancer

    Reference where I can listen. I listen to all the podcasts, and I heard nelson say it has side effects. I didn't hear him say cancer specifically. Let's timestamp and discuss.
  8. xBSer

    Here's Something Nobody's Thought Of...

    Jason I disagree with you here. A lot of 'bros' on the forums shit talk stacking 2 orals. I think Nelson makes good points here. Orals should always be stacked.
  9. xBSer

    which brand from

    I would go with geneza pharma, all the mods speak highly of them and I just finished 4 weeks of the geneza anavar.
  10. xBSer

    Husband crazy on steroids

    Sounds like alcohol shouldn't mix with trenbolone and anadrol!
  11. xBSer


    You should add the only approved aussie source on evo OZSHOP
  12. xBSer


    Napsgear has domestic cabergoline and domestic-supply has it. i'm not sure if PSL has it check.
  13. xBSer

    Myths and Facts of Anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Dylan good video I am a lover of anavar here.
  14. xBSer

    Sarms vs Steroids - what if you ran them at the same dosages?

    That's possible that tony huge sells counterfeit and fake sarms or it's possible his brand is being faked. Nelson made some good points in this thread, no matter what is said. The brand he used doesn't matter, the info is good.
  15. xBSer

    Nelson Montana and vet steroids.

    I don't know if it's a zinger dude but it's a good question. Parabolan is trenbolone hex vs the regular trenbolone enanthate everyone is using now, what would be the issue with using tren enan? I actually want to hear what Nelson has to say on this, arguments aside this is very informative...
  16. xBSer

    Sarms vs Steroids - what if you ran them at the same dosages?

    I'm not sure if he doesn't have info to back it up, Nelson where did you get your sarms what brand? enhanced athlete?
  17. xBSer

    Sarms vs Steroids - what if you ran them at the same dosages?

    circadian rhythm so that means it messes up your sleep or makes it better?
  18. xBSer

    Napsgear still legit?

    Napsgear is legit, mods and NPC told me they are approved so I'm all behind them.
  19. xBSer

    Naps cycle Log

    I like this meal plan, fish is going to help you grow. Sushi looks good!
  20. xBSer

    PSL summer NUCLEAR cycle - HELP with dosing

    I take cardarine right before training like 30min out. I would stack primobolan with rapid cut pro but split the injection sites.
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