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    certain steroids and running do not mix.

    My buddy is a runner and started taking trenbolone now has terrible shin splints in incredible pain from it, not the best idea by far here guys. Use sarms like GW-501516 for running,. dianabol will give you back pumps too. Steroids and running are not a great match no specially with SARMS.
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    How much Vitamin C for a cold?

    take a gram every 4 hours or so, you can take a lot of vitamin C and all your body will do with it is piss out what you don't use.
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    Ingredient in Coca Cola that is really bad for you?

    It has real coca leaves in it, so there have to be a lot of phytochemicals in there we might not even know are working. Carbonated sugar water is just bad all around.
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    Oscillococcinum actually works!

    Yeah that stuff works great as an anti-viral for colds my mom takes it every time she gets sick.
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    mts whey vs gold standard

    I'm going to be doing some protein shopping next couple of days and I'm wondering which of these two would be good to try. N2Bm is out of my favorite whey 2 build muscle flavor and as a sign of protest I'm going to buy from a competitor even if it is an inferior product. Both machine whey and...
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    Winstrol vs Anavar for cutting

    If you had to pick between running 50mg of winstrol per day or running 50mg of anavar per day, which of these would you pick? I'm doing some research for a future cycle and I have reliable sources for both of these and I want to try running them.
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    There is a huge difference in the concentration of product and the DHEA being used, there are several types and RS transa uses a higher amount of the expensive one that really works.
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    hgh fragment 176 191

    This article will tell you all you need to know about hgh fragment 176 191
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    Triacana is one of those products meant to work on the thyroid glad, triacana contains a compound called Tiratricol. On a cutting diet where you are at a caloric deficit the use of triacana is really beneficial for fat loss. I have read that Triacana is the known precursor to the iodiferous...
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    centrum one a day

    Centrum one a day: These are multivitamins for the common folks and not for the steroid user. You need something way more complete than any centrum if you are going to be pushing steroids and sarms into your system. But like some of the guys said, some centrum silver can be better than nothing...
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    Jack3d original formula

    I have been looking for the jack3d preworkout formula for ever. Does anybody know where I can get the original Jack3d formula still with the DMAA in it?
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    How safe to take Hydroxy elite?

    This sounds like a great stimulant to try!
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    Muscle Pharm/Arnold Series Supplements

    Muscle Pharma is the company started by Brad Pyatt he was a player for the Colts NFL team. He first started a company called hard nutrition and sold it then started with MP (muscle Pharma) and the rest is history. Now even arnold the governator is an investor in Muscle Pharm
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    GNC worthwhile?

    GNC is a general supplement store that sells a lot of crap to be quite honest.
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    Ephedrine or 1,3 DMAA?

    I like a lot of caffeine still my favorite.
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    Analyzing the cause of gyno that is now under control and reversing

    Gynecomastia from steroid use is only common on those whom are genetically predispose to it. There are men that can use a lot of steroids like Trenbolone and testosterone enanthate injections and never experience any problems with sore nipples or other signs of gynecomastia. In your case it...
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    antibiotics and N2guard

    I have taken them together and have experienced zero problems.
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    Never Hungover drink

    I have seen these red and white bottles the drink is called "never too hung ober" it looks interesting like something to try although I don't do much drinking. If I did I would want to avoid a hang over.
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    improving penile hardness

    There are exercises you can do hanging a towel on your penis and also taking Cialis will make you pretty hard too man.
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    Use BRIDGE in-between steroid cycles. Use this product to solidify your gains!

    BRIDGE – The Only Supplement Specifically Designed for In-Between Cycles! The concept behind BRIDGE is amazingly unique! There aren’t any other products like it – It was specifically designed for steroid using bodybuilders who need something natural to take while they are OFF the steroids...
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