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  1. jolter

    who used SIGMA PHARMACY...????

    Old ass thread
  2. jolter

    Using sarms by themselves

    I think he meant they might work better together??? But they are just as good solo for certain goals in training. But I am no doctor or sarm expert.
  3. jolter

    funny steroid sex story

    Tank you for that . These are must favorite stories
  4. jolter

    Rad140 and TRT

    I would say any swarm on trt would he effective.
  5. jolter

    janoshik legit and still around?

    Now they remove the sites I post lmao Here Pfizer had bad tests on products
  6. jolter

    NEW customer support ticket system now available at PSL

    Niiiice Psl always been gtg
  7. jolter

    janoshik legit and still around?

    I just had some gear same batch numbers get completely different results from the jano results and results from chemtox. Jano was really bad and chemtox showed the gear to be accurate.
  8. jolter

    AlphaUSA is a scammer

    I want to see the actual name of the email that sent this conversation. Any member could of sent you a pm with a email that looked the same. Do you have any pm from meso from this person? By know you should of already exposed this from pm and actual emails. Here and ESPECIALLY AT MESO TO...
  9. jolter

    Just some leftovers (Gear Pics) :)

    Sexy shit there man.
  10. jolter

    PSL has EP products available RIGHT NOW

  11. jolter

    3rd cycle add deca durabolin or not?

    All you really need if Nandrolone decanate would be 400mg especially if it's your first run. Higher mg is not always better. 12-15 weeks would be plenty to add additional help with mass.
  12. jolter

    Aromasin question

    I would go 12.5 mg aromasin eod for a week then after it builds up go for e3d or every 4 days. And you could have added hcg during the cycle 250iu twice a week would help recovery faster. But two weeks after your last pin you will need a standard pct protocol. Nolva 40-40-20-20 Clomid...
  13. jolter

    arimidex dosage on cycle

    . 5mg adex eod or e3d would be the way to go. Then after a couple weeks get some blood work.
  14. jolter

    AlphaUSA is a scammer

    The only one who could post on meso with getting there asshole ripped open would be Nandro. Or the owner. If you have ever been a meso member you know they do not let reps around there board. Can you give us the name of this fake rep so we can know who scammed you. And bringing this here...
  15. jolter

    AlphaUSA is a scammer

    Hey what source board did this happen at and do you have screen shots of the emails? Cover your email and we can see the other email is. Now I want to see the scanners email and the board this happened on should be notified that there is a scammer in there mists.
  16. jolter

    AlphaUSA is a scammer

    I'm wanting to here this guy's explanation here. I am calling this thread BS. I myself have used this source as well as about 100 guys on meso. If you can hold high standards on meso then you are the best of the best bottom line.
  17. jolter

    AlphaUSA is a scammer

    What brand did you receive? Sigma Duece Or alpha pharma???
  18. jolter

    best thing for organs

    Shit I have...
  19. jolter

    best thing for organs

    Shit u have been on trt dose 3 years now. And I have not got blood work sense this covid bullshit started. Or donated.
  20. jolter

    Test E , test cyp

    I would just switch or mix it half and half and then up the other ester dose to compensate the other.
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