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  1. Spiritz300


    Ozpharm use to supply the stuff. Hes gone now. Used the stuff in the past and was amazing…. Dont know who stocks it.
  2. Spiritz300

    Anavar Source

    They out of stock
  3. Spiritz300

    Anavar Source

    Anyone know who has the best Anavar at the moment based on usage?
  4. Spiritz300

    Anadrol gains keepable?

    Fuckstain lying cunt……
  5. Spiritz300

    Anavar experiences

    Read some scientific article on oxymetholone increasing stem cell production up to a certain point but after a while it induces stem cell exhaustion. Also royal jellies protective effects on liver toxicity. Should have saved the articles………
  6. Spiritz300

    Steroid bust in Vic

    Prolly ozpharm….. one of the big bois.
  7. Spiritz300

    Anavar experiences

    Would it be wise to consider tossing the anadrol. Scared of the liver effects. Never tried it before…..
  8. Spiritz300

    Anavar experiences

    Yeah use ugloz hes got some good stuff…..
  9. Spiritz300

    Anavar experiences

    Hello, What we’re your experiences with Anavar like and which source did you find to have decent var. some say nexnos others say ugloz. Any pointers?
  10. Spiritz300

    Aussie Evo 'Ask Me Anything'

    Not to mention IMed here in OZ can check bloods quite cheaply by giving us the ability to pick and choose what we want tested!! For instance I chose to test Testosterone by itself. Cost around $40 and 30 mins collecting bloods at the pathology place. Results emailed next day. Definitely...
  11. Spiritz300

    On gear support/supplements

    Magnesium, multi vits
  12. Spiritz300

    Blood results

    Test from ozpharm nexnos sus250, deca300 hybrid labs
  13. Spiritz300

    Blood results

    Not really. At least i know its deca! The other blood tests are better thou. Will get next time.
  14. Spiritz300

    Hybrid Labs - reviews and feedback

    His deca is definitely deca. Shelby 300.
  15. Spiritz300

    Blood results

    But the test is not fake or anything?
  16. Spiritz300

    Blood results

    Yes and test
  17. Spiritz300

    Blood results

    Can anyone explain this to me?
  18. Spiritz300


    Yes legit good deca he has. Big C will hook u up
  19. Spiritz300

    Introduction - New Aussie Lab: Notorious Labs

    Package arrived.. good product by the looks of it!! 3 days to get here
  20. Spiritz300

    AUSTEROID = Scam!!

    Someone needs to take a chill pill…
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