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    On gear support/supplements

    Has anyone successfully gotten AI's from i.e. Arimidex and Nolvadex?
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    Blood Tests

    What do you fellas get tested for with iMedical? Do you get the Sports BB1 package or the Hormone + Thyroid package?
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    Blood Tests

    Hey Fellas, Where is everyone getting their blood tests done? Currently I am using RoidSafe but wanting to know what everyone else uses and price wise, thanks.
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    P10 Supplier

    Can anyone vouch for P10? Looking to try a couple products from them but just checking if anyone has had previous experience, thanks.
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    Aromasin Supplier?

    Hey All, Looking for a good quality supplier for Aromasin. Can anyone recommend an approved supplier in Australia, thank you.
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    Aus juice back in buisness

    Hey man, Any updates or invoice as of yet? I placed an order myself and have received zero contact from anyone... Will keep you all posted.
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    Hi All, just had my gyno removed and ready for my next cycle. Can you confirm the best way to prevent gyno moving forward. Will running Nolvadex the whole time during cycle prevent the receptors binding. Any help my brothers would be great and also a good education lesson for us all.
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    Urgent source for PCT

    Wickr Hey man, can I get your Wickr and I’ll shoot you a message, thanks man.
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    Urgent source for PCT

    Hey bro, put the order in early last week. Took me a few days to sort out payment and once I did never heard back. Super strange as they are always so responsive. Followed up everyday since Friday and received nothing, no tracking or messages. Real shame to see they have disappeared - - -...
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    HGH Australia Source Help

    Hi all, does anyone know an approved domestic source for HGH. After the recent closure of OzPharmLabs I am in desperate need, thanks.
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    Urgent source for PCT

    Where to buy HGH Agreed man, I’m trying to buy HGH. Spent $2k with OzPharmLabs but never received tracking for HGH and now they’ve gone quiet. Anyone know if they’ll be opening again soon or where to buy, thanks.
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