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  1. Vader_1

    Few words About Pharmacom Labs

    Just so I'm clear: Domesitic-Supply has legit pharmacom, but Basicstero now sells all fake pharmacom?? Pharmacom is one of my favorite brands and I'm a diehard fan of Greg and D-S, and have placed many orders with him over the years. Thought we had another good source for PHL with Basicstero...
  2. Vader_1 or

    Same question as StreetSavage0303 - I placed a few orders with basicstero and the products seem G2G, since the packaging, seals and hologram are exactly the same as Pharmacom product from other forum approved sources. Also Basicstero was just on Evo as an approved source recently with a sticky...
  3. Vader_1

    Need some advice and help for this anavar stack

    If you’re 30 years old and want to be around for a while, don’t even consider this cycle - it’s all out of whack!!
  4. Vader_1

    Tesofensine - The ULTIMATE Fat Loss Peptide now available at Umbrella Labs!

    Anyone here use this yet and have personal experience to share on its fat loss attributes?
  5. Vader_1

    Approved Log Testosterone Primobolan SARMS Rad140 new cycle Log

    Great cycle and log! And you’re a big dude brother - looking forward to seeing where you end up after this cycle! How is the 200 mg/ML primobolan injecting for you? I tried some primo at that concentration from a forum source and it’s the worst PIP I’ve ever experienced! Thinking I’m gonna back...
  6. Vader_1

    Best thing with sr9009

    You should not be on this forum, you should be on a nutrition and diet board instead. Clean up your lifestyle – eat clean, reduce your calories, and do a lot of LISS cardio to drop weight before you even consider using gear/SARMs man!
  7. Vader_1


    Where's the log?? Let's see the before pics!
  8. Vader_1

    Domestic-Supply Discounts and Offers

    That’s big news - thanks Greg! Looking forward to using Zelle for my next order - super easy!
  9. Vader_1

    Approved Log Pigsy log for 2023

    Awesome log, and phenomenal physique bro!! Following
  10. Vader_1 517 - Do you need 'kickstarters' or 'finishers' on cycles?

    Thanks Mobster, what's your recommendation on kickstart duration then? The rest of my cycle will be posted and logged shortly.
  11. Vader_1 517 - Do you need 'kickstarters' or 'finishers' on cycles?

    Very interesting and helpful information from the experts. Decided to do a 4 week anavar kickstart for my spring recomp cycle.
  12. Vader_1

    Hiring a coach for your first steroid cycle

    Starting a spring recomp cycle and I’m getting coached up
  13. Vader_1

    Good gear

    ZPHC is an awesome brand and I’ve had excellent results with their primo and anavar. But is a SCAM! Ordered what was supposed to be ZPHC product from them, and I received some generic no-name crap. Stay away – they do not carry ZPHC product are not a legit supplier. Domestic...
  14. Vader_1

    Napsgear Product of the Week: Primobolan 200 (Dragon Pharma) 50% Off Now!

    Great sale on quality Dragon gear - I gotta get some! But can anyone share their experience using 200mg/mL primo? I get bad pip with 100, can’t imagine what 2x that will be!
  15. Vader_1

    Pharma HGH TD! Plus some questions

    Thanks bros for all the helpful advice. @stevesmi, I went back and listened to the podcasts on HGH - tons of great info, thanks. My spring recomp cycle with HGH included starts in March - detailed log to follow!
  16. Vader_1

    Pharma HGH TD! Plus some questions

    Hey bros, scored Lilly Humatrope from NapsGear at a killer price last year! Three 72 UI kits, total of 216 UI. Plan to do 2UIs/day for 6-months and have more pharma HGH coming before I start. I’m working GH into a spring recomp cycle, will post the details on that soon. I'm over 50, so using GH...
  17. Vader_1

    Sensitive to geneza gear ?

    Any bros know what carrier oil(s) Geneza uses for their products?
  18. Vader_1

    getting in a fight tomorrow, need steroids

    This has gotta be a joke, right?!? Yet so many of us respond to these clown posts! Like: "Hey I'm 25% body fat, don't work out, eat like crap - and need to get ripped in 30 days ...should I take tren?" WTF??
  19. Vader_1

    I got gyno from anavar

    Did you order from a forum approved source?? Learn your lesson man, and get some real var from Domestic-Supply, Napsgear or PSL!!
  20. Vader_1

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on July 2, 2022...!

    Thanks for this phenomenal sale Napsgear!!
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