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  1. VladBubu

    Sustanon300 and Npp150 for 12-14 week

    I have never used any other substance besides sustanon, and my question is: how can I use sustanon 300mg with NPP 150mg to be useful to me?how should the weekly dosage be, knowing that I want to do an injection on Tuesday and one on Friday
  2. VladBubu

    Sustanon300 and Npp150 for 12-14 week

    Age:28 Height: 178 kg: 75 Diet: Pescetarian ( I eat just fish and eggs ) Lifestyle: active all day, working and going to the gym daily Work: I’m massage therapist and food delivery Gym workout: 6 days/week I have been training in the gym for 10 years, my last dose was sustanon 250...
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