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  1. aussieBEAST

    Approved Log Mobsters Training Diary

    seated press seems low mate Mobster I listened to you on the podcast last night
  2. aussieBEAST

    Female BJJ/grappler - Andarine/Cardarine/Anavar log

    try to get fats to 100grams if you can tomorrow and see how you fee training
  3. aussieBEAST

    First cycle/TRT/Var/Sarms

    Nice multi day update mate you should up that fat intake
  4. aussieBEAST

    Approved Log First time tren log

    5000 calories is a true beast mate slam it
  5. aussieBEAST

    My first Test + Anavar cycle

    estrogen going up so watch it mate
  6. aussieBEAST

    First timer

    10 week cycle is fine but nothing under 10 weeks. 250mgs per injections, 2 injections per week and you need organ support. and a LOG on EVO is a must for newbie you understand that right?
  7. aussieBEAST

    Approved Log S.Gentz contest prep log

    S.gentz why you ignoring NPC here? you know he's right you're 8 weeks out and need to bump up calories
  8. aussieBEAST

    Approved Log PrinceDaddy 2023 Log / Here we go again....

    Prince every day is a hardcore leg day :)
  9. aussieBEAST is absolute trash and fake

    syn pharma doxxed customers posting their info, he's a source that will expose your personal information why use him? use nordic fusion
  10. aussieBEAST

    Are OzPharmLabs still good to go?

    OzPharmLabs exit scammed many of my mates dont trust him
  11. aussieBEAST

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 87

    i think he exit scammed imo
  12. aussieBEAST

    Ozpharmlabs closure???

    dont order from him guys
  13. aussieBEAST

    ready to supply

    he's not approved or tested use at your own risk
  14. aussieBEAST

    OzPharmaLabs exit scamming?

    not sure if they exit scammed but they gone for sure
  15. aussieBEAST

    Bros who on here serve in clink?

    I dont think you read a new york paper or anything bodymonster lol
  16. aussieBEAST

    Approved Log Mobsters Training Diary

    Big playa grip nice
  17. aussieBEAST

    I left BS board too, too many owners admins, moderators dealing steroids. They doing care about the members at all. Much respect to EVO for standing up and being a good place for us AU iron mates.
  18. aussieBEAST

    Is addar still around

    what did he do? seems lots of hate
  19. aussieBEAST

    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Mates, some updated threads for AU
  20. aussieBEAST

    Accutane AUS source??

    Only approved Aussie source is OZ Pharm labs check him out and see, Ive used him a few times.
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