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    Returned to sender, contact sender message

    Well, I figured I was better off taking a punt going to the post dist centre here and claiming it before it going back to the address that it was being returned to thats for sure.
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    Returned to sender, contact sender message

    All sorted... The retarded local delivery people had 'not known at address' Which is bullshit as I have things sent to me all the time. I managed to go collect from the post office it had been scanned at before it was sent back to the return address. Thank fuck.
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    Returned to sender, contact sender message

    Evening Brothers, Placed an order last week with one of the ducks nuts' sources, was taking a little while to arrive, so chased up and got the tracking number. Punched the tracking in and got 'in transit' for a good 3 days. Today, checked the tracking and was greeted with 'Contact Sender...
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    Potential scam alert , ozpharm

    Has anyone ever had their orders 'returned to sender' please contact the sender for more info.. received that message today, wondering if anyone else has been dealt it. And what happened after, if anything? Thanks lads!
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    Ozpharm is back

    Hey All, Have moved from the city where I didnt have to order to a coastal town now and keen to get back on the wagon again. Have got the Threema app and have shot a message to the author of this thread! Thanks for the feedback posts above!
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