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    Choose steroids or marriage

    The choice is simple. Your family always comes before yourself. You have a responsibility to your children and the mother of those children. At no point you should jeopardise that. Those four people rely on you. If your future wife says no, it mean no and you do not deviate from that. She as a...
  2. J

    Oral Primabolin and Anavar cycle

    Thanks gentleman, that’s good information. I will report back what I do and the results I have experienced. Cheers.
  3. J

    Oral Primabolin and Anavar cycle

    Hello everyone I’m new here. I have started to train natural for the past year after losing all my muscle from not training for many years. I am making some very slow gains. In the past I have used very basic test and deca with good effect. However, I don’t want to go down the path of...
  4. J

    Is Clomid a good anti estrogen?

    I have used Clomid a couple of times and it can make you very moody. I felt that Nolvedex was a better choice for me. Both helped me retain muscle after a cycle. I could not see any difference in the effectiveness of either compound. Good luck.
  5. J

    tren and chick problems

    It appears you have a issue with aggression and as a result committed domestic violence by striking a woman. I hope this is not the case. But if it is, I think you need to get off the drugs and go clean. You will be very surprised at how much calmer you will become. Tren will only get you sent...
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    Hello my friend I have just joined the forum. Currently I’m natural, 17 arms, 30 waist and...

    Hello my friend I have just joined the forum. Currently I’m natural, 17 arms, 30 waist and 23.5 quads. 42 years old. I would like to buy some primabolin tablets. And Stack it with proviron for 8 weeks. Will I see any quality gains?, I just want slow gains that do show I’m using gear as I work...
  7. J purchase

    Hello Simple question, not sure if it’s a simple subject. But I would like to purchase from these people. Are they based in Australia, and is it safe in terms of security from the law?. All I want is some clomid etc. Cheers
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