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    Can I use ephedra based fat burner

    I wanna know can I have ephedra based fat burner during mini pct?
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    Is my pct good?

    I don’t know what will they test but now I stopped my cycle I’ll start my pct . Hopes everything goes well in my pct. I’m just going with Nolvadex 10mg + natural T booster + liver and organ defender
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    Is my pct good?

    Thanks for your reply Should I use Nolvadex 10 mg for 4 weeks or just 3 weeks is fine?
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    Is my pct good?

    Actually my current project in healthcare sector so they asked me for drug test + full body blood test. One of my colleague was on anabolic so they removed him from this project. So that’s why I’m worried
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    Is my pct good?

    Initially my coach planned my cycle for 8 weeks but then I need to do an drug test for my employer so I’m stopping my cycle I have take winstrol and anavar for 3 weeks For pct my coach suggested me nolvadex 20mg for 3 weeks with Testosterone booster , liver organ support and nitric oxide...
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    Is my pct correct?

    Initially my cycle is planned for 8 weeks that’s included injectables . For 3 weeks oral : winstrol and anavar starting with low dosage but I need to stop my cycle here because I need to provide an drug test for my employer For pct I’m thinking Nolvadex and a good testosterone booster and...
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