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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    No he was locked out and I’m new to this forum. Yeah be been speaking with him in signal and I actually received my package today mate just trying to help a friend out to be honest considering he’s been the best shop I’ve found so far so im trying to help him get these orders he’s received money...
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    His new wikr is up ! It’s Ozshop2 ! :) back open everyone ! Please message him on there if you had placed an order and paid prior to his wikr being locked out :) - - - Updated - - - Hey dude, his wikr was locked out so he has a new one now which is ozshop2 ! He’s back open :) - - - Updated -...
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    Proper source for high end pharma ?

    Hey just looking for a trust worth supplier for oxy and other tablets like Valium, aderall and xannax. Preferably cardless cash as I have been stitched to much online currency. Can use wikr or signal. Please let me know who’s the best ! [ANY REC DRUGS SUPPLY OR SLEEPING DRUGS ARE BANNED ON THE...
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    Has anyone ordered from OZShop recently?

    Yes he is ! I’ve been speaking with him and unfortunately his work has been locked out of so he’s sorting that. He has the orders safe he just needs to get in for the details so hopefully Monday guys 🙏
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    Australian Steroid Source Talk - PART 86

    Pls post on evolutionary forums that i spoke to oz today on different app. His Wickr suspended for 24 hours for no reason. He can’t send or receive messages. So don’t think he is scammer. He will be back within 1-2 days. He collected some $$ and order yesterday from regular customers and...
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