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    Pharmacies in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya

    Yep, buy a number of small cardboard boxes from Officeworks and bring them flatpacked in your luggage along with some bubble wrap. Divvy up the goods into several parcels, maybe each with the same assortment of PEDs so that one parcel gets intercepted you can still get other parcels with the...
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    AU sources which accept 'cardless cash' payments

    One option to bank transfers (which are becoming increasingly rare) and Bitcoin payments is 'cardless cash', maybe it'd be a good reference if suppliers who support cordless cash payments could list themselves in this thread?
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    New product for customer (please read)

    Sounds like a very sensible alternative. Capsules are great for the mainstream in all sorts of medicines but for those who are a bit more savvy, the savings of these 'powder pipes' will be very welcome!
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    Email from Chinaraws

    Very odd, out of the blue I am now receiving emails from a supplier called Chinaraws, and they are coming to the same email address I have used for previous orders to some AU suppliers, one of which has since been shut down. Has anybody else been getting the same thing?
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    Needle exchanges?

    Which western suburbs hospital is this?
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    Needle exchanges?

    Yeah, totally free, a smart 'community health' move for druggies and one which we can also benefit from. Still sucks that plain old testosterone is treated like a drug or somehow even worse, but it is what it is.
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    Needle exchanges?

    I don’t know about a ‘steroid kit’ but I just rock up to the one next to RNSH at St Leonards and specify the syringe type and needle type, and they hand ‘em over from their stock. Probably helps if you find the nearest convenient needle exchange centre and drop in there one day to explain your...
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    Steroid bust in Vic

    I'd like to think that they are only going to bother with suppliers, not individual end users. Not worth their time to chase down a bunch of people buying some steroids or even other drugs in small amounts for personal use, compared to spending their time going after the big fish. But I'd also...
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    Steroid bust in Vic

    Given how much stuff these blokes were caught with, and the vast variety of it from steroids to valium and cialis etc plus tobacco, and it’s “ the largest seizure of its kind anywhere in Victoria” according to
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    Steroid bust in Vic

    After the media reports that so many drugs were found at the properties that police had to make two separate trips to cart them all away, you can almost guarantee that a lot of those - probably the valium, cialis etc - are going to end up in the pockets of quite a few police officers.
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    Steroid bust in Vic

    Media reports linked here name them as arrested but of course in relation to the charges they say “alleged” because they have not yet been found guilty.
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    Steroid bust in Vic

    Not sure I understand this. The individuals are already being named in the media reports, so how can naming them here be considered ‘evidence’?
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    New in Australia

    I'm in NSW and get everything I need from the needle exchange at Royal North Shore Community Health Centre at St Leonards. I just rock up with a list of what I want, no need to order in advance, so I presume the Brisbane versions work listed at...
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    Aussie Evo 'Ask Me Anything'

    That may track with what I'd heard, is that even though generic HGH has improved it still lags behind pharma-grade in some areas such as weight loss, although the rest of the HGH results seem to be approx equal these days.
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    Aussie Evo 'Ask Me Anything'

    * What changes have you noticed in popularity and availability of specific steroids, both oral and injectable, over the years you've been in business? * I recall initial criticism of generic 'underground' HGH being nowhere near as good as pharma-grade HGH, did you find this to be true at first...
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    Bank transfers

    Even 'cardless cash' is a risk, at first I thought "hey, it's anonymous, I just authorise somebody else to pick up the cash from an ATM and then send them the codes", but of course with cameras at every ATM, you can imagine how this could create a trail back to identify a specific individual...
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    Bank transfers

    None that I know of, at least in the UGL 'trusted source' category. I saw one does 'cardless cash' ATM withdrawls which is a great idea.
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    Genesis Labs Price list is here to view members thanks

    I like the idea of using cardless cash from an ATM instead of bitcoin or bank transfer - very smart!!
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    Buying Pharma-grade HGH (plus general steroids) in Shenzhen

    I'll be visiting Hong Kong on a business trip later this month, and am thinking of a side-trip to Shenzhen. Given that most HGH is produced in China and especially pharma-grade HGH like Jintropin, I'd love to buy some of The Good Stuff, and pricing should be good too. Does anyone here know of...
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    Quality HGH source

    Do any Aussie sources offer proper pharma HGH from brands like Omnitrope, Genotropin, Norditropin, Humatrope etc? The reason I’m asking about this versus generics, even high-quality generics, is that I’ve heard that the real pharma grade stuff is vastly more effective at fat loss.
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