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  1. J

    21 year old son wants supplements

    protein and creatine
  2. J

    Weight gainers without sugar?

    peanut butter, very calorie dense
  3. J

    collagen supplements

    Id say thats more of a hair/skin health supplement
  4. J

    Getting stronger penis health

    tadalafil will help you
  5. J

    Roman ashwagandha

    for $10 maybe but probably not something thats gonna be noticable - - - Updated - - - theres better natural options out there or atleast supplements you can add to that
  6. J

    Mushrooms a thing now?

    heard some good things about lions mane
  7. J

    Losing some body fat with steroids

    should change your body composition for sure but diet and training routine will come first
  8. J

    what would happen if I ran 4000mgs of test?

    bad things lol I would not try to "experiment with your body" - - - Updated - - - if 1250 sust wasn't enough that should make you question where you got it from
  9. J

    Primobolan isn’t for real men ?

    primo is great - - - Updated - - - especially for a first cycle
  10. J

    How much arimidex and how often?

    monitor in your bloodwork to find the balance, too little is bad and too much is just as bad
  11. J

    Need more hardening here

    diet and cardio will reveal your abs
  12. J

    Post divorce comeback cycle

    sure can if the diet and training routine is right
  13. J

    Squat and deadlifts up 100lbs on steroids!

    thats a huge jump in weight - - - Updated - - - what was the timeline?
  14. J

    Lots of post injection pain :(

    its from using that much prop daily
  15. J

    Post finasteride syndrome and ruined dates

    did you even benefit from taking it? have any hairloss before taking it?
  16. J

    Time to get bigger and meaner

    thats a lot of anavar but definitely a lot of anadrol, try half of both before those dosages
  17. J

    Liver King caught lying about natty

    the funny part is people believe it! as if people were shocked he was taking PEDs lol
  18. J

    Primo and what else?

    anavar or tbol for sure those will stack nicely
  19. J

    Want to go all in on bulking

    first few cycles I always liked to do one compound at a time then I can see exactly what each one does
  20. J

    Can you lean bulk with steroids?

    this goal will mostly be achieved through nutrition
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