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    Injectable Steroids Online UK

    New member today and asking for steroids, sorry you won’t get any help on here. Looks like you will have to use Google
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    Fasting question

    Any caloric intake is breaking a fast regardless of whatever source you consume your calories from
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    Peppermint tea

    I thought peppermint tea was caffeine free
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    Ken 'Skip' Hill on Evolutionary Radio Tomorrow Night

    I assume the answer would be 'skip' loading
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    Steroid cycle

    After 50+ posts on this thread you can assume no one is going to advise you on steroid use at 18, think you are on your own.
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    Avocados Baked Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Acorn or Winter Squash Spinach Coconut Water Beets White Beans Non fat Yoghurts All of the above are higher than bananas
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    Opinions on late night training

    Not ideal but it's better than not training at all
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    What email do you guys use to place orders?

    One without your actual name in it
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    Whats most accurate reader of body fat%

    Google dexa scan locally, also look at hydrostatic weighing or BodPod
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    alchohol and supplements

    No interaction but alcohol will negatively impact on gains
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    replacing chciken breast for turkey breast

    Why would it ruin your diet?
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    creatine dose question

    Depends on how much creatine you are taking per day
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    Calories, diet, etc...

    They are only estimates, as I said before it's trial and error
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    Calories, diet, etc...

    Trial and error, I have a spreadsheet that indicates that my maintenance is somewhere around 15.5 to 16x body weight
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    Fat burner

    Don't waste your money, eat a bit lees or do a bit more cardio
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    Diet/Macro advice test/deca cycle.

    BMR is what you body burns at total rest, the rest will be from any movement etc
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    Does Vitamin d help build muscle?

    What part of the world do you live in as this would determine whether vitamin d is needed as a supplement.
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    Best fat burners

    Dead = permanent weight loss solution = successful result [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Best fat burners

    DNP but get it wrong and that could end up as a permanent weight loss solution
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    Don't do keto, tried it but wasn't for me. Just saying that that ketone strips do not give an accurate result as once you are in ketosis your body is utilising the ketones instead of the carbs and therefore strips are rendered useless as the levels of ketones in urine drop once you are fat...
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