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    New Recomp/Lean Gains Cycle

    Thank you, I have dropped 20lbs since December with just a cleaner diet and moderate cardio. Investing in a decent bike to “spice things up a bit” Stay lean and swole
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    New Recomp/Lean Gains Cycle

    Hi guys, I’m sorry to drop right in. I’m new to forums/ writing in threads. I was hoping someone could help me with my next cycle. 30 years old, 5/8” Weight: 187 About 20-25% body fat. Goal: Looking to shed 10-15% Training for new career change that requires physical strength and agility...
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    Looking to order Modafinil for my lab rat from DS I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about them. I see people vouching. How long does it take to get a tracking number and or the package? Thank you in advanced
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