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    Nexnos HGH legit or not

    I’m not sure if maybe I just got a bad batch but I’ve used a few brands and that was the only one were I felt no benefits but constantly lethargic and lightheaded like I was about to faint every 20-30 minutes
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    Nexnos HGH legit or not

    I used the 150iu kit from ozpharma and it was a bad experience for me, didn’t feel like real hgh imo. Currently on UGL shogun hgh and it’s much better. Personally I’d stay away from nexnos hgh.
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    Hcg basically helps with ur fertility and kickstarts ur balls back to normal and helps with getting test back to baseline quicker, a pct is not a pct without hcg honestly. That’s the main compound you need.
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    Has anyone used Pyramid Labs - Sus 250?

    I’ve used a few products from them and has been fine and worked well but the sus250 made my estro very unstable very quickly but it also my first time using that compound so maybe that’s why. the test,tren, bold was fine
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    The free service i offer to my customers.

    Haven’t bought anything yet but can attest to this, hybrid is very responsive regardless and has great service which is always nice to see in the community.
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    Blood Work

    Hello guys this is may seem like a stupid question but when you get ur blood work done how do you know if ur test and Estro levels are balanced ? I’ve been on cycle for about two years now and only got blood work done once since everything has always felt fine. The last time I did I was...
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    BPC-157 and TB 500 Source

    looking for a reliable source for these two peptides that aren’t charging a stupid amount, If anyone can vouch for a source that would greatly appreciated. Aus based preferably
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