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    Tren Euporia, and feeling good?

    I'm with you bro. I run 200 mg Tren 2 X weekly 200 mg Primo 1 X Weekly 250 mg Test E 1 X weekly And I feel bloody fantastic, euphoria, confident and overall sense of well being. I do feel a bit tired later on week after 5th day of training in a row but otherwise I'm with you on the feels...
  2. K

    Tren dark urine side effect?

    I'm glad I saw this, my urine is definitely darker side while on Tren. I didn't think to much of it tbh. Mine is amber gold to light brown, any darker and you definitely need to increase water intake but it will always remain slightly darker then usual.
  3. K

    My dick is totally broken right now

    Give it time bro you'll be ok, but like everyone pretty much said at 19 you were reckless. If you want to speed up the process you can mix in PT-141 It's a derivative of MT2 and off label has strong aphrodisiac properties Proviron This helps me for some reason recover off cycle HCG This is...
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    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    Thankf for being transparant shows alot of integrity. I came back to post an update / review after ordering abouit 10 days ago, Ive waited a little since foirst pin before giving a real review. !. SERVICE & COMMUNICATION - 10 /10 I msgd AJ and ordered on na Wednesday and by Friday my postbox...
  5. K

    Hey can some one give me help

    Howd your order go? Im thinking about buying from OZpharm or UGLOZ just weighing up options atm
  6. K

    Legit new zealand source please

    NZ is a bit hard to buy gear online, when I lived there I had good success buying orals only no vials from overseas as they seeme dto get through customs ok
  7. K

    Chief labs?? Anyone else used them recently?

    I bought from them as Elder Labs but not recently since they rebrabded as Chief, hopefully your gear arrives
  8. K

    UGL OZ - Aussie Domesitc Source - (the real AusJuice)

    AJ welcome back brother, used buy your geqr from one of the other forums. Website at looks good too! I saw you post on another thread mentioning new products coming soon, any word on if thay will include more blends? Your RIP Blend looks juicy, Im definately interested in...
  9. K

    Ugl oz and Ozpharma

    Thanks for the heads up, I used to buy from AJ few yrs back so glad to see people couch for him on here.
  10. K


    I second that running Test U 400 is my got cruise, I like the longer esters. I'm glad I found you on this board as only serarched up because the other forum is down, which I ordered from you few yrs back before covid. Glad to see youre back in business serving th community again!
  11. K

    Trusted Hybrid Labs - reviews and feedback

    Im trying to find a source with Test 400 is there a stock / price list anywhere? Cheers
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